In the Very Serious Morning Feature Post yesterday, discussing the Very Serious BPI Campus Site (there will be a test later), there was one grave omission.

BPI Campus is “A Progressive Democratic Community for Discussion, Activism and Humor”. Progressive, check. Democratic, check. Community, check. Discussion, check. Activism, check. But where was the humor?

Actually it is everywhere you look.

Humor is a big part of BPI Campus because Democrats generally appreciate humor. It probably comes from having to laugh in the face of despair or laugh at our own human foibles (we actually admit to them). Our humor is not like Republican humor where mocking the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is considered “funny”. Gosh. Can’t stop laughing, how about you? 🙄

Continuing the theme of Learning about BPI Campus, The BPI Experience list of links on the left-hand side of your screen is not all Serious Stuff. For example, after Admissions we have Denials and you might be surprised by what you find when researching the Student Body and Degrees at BPI.

Under “Welcome New Students”, we have the Campus Tour (two parts … this is a very big campus!):

   Campus Virtual Tour I

   Campus Virtual Tour II

Every Sunday morning we are treated to Ask Ms. Crissie who generally makes us laugh out loud as she takes on right-wing whackdoodlery with a humorous bent (and food! but not real food! only instructions on how to make food! :sad:). Our Founder and Publisher, NCrissieB has also been known to make us laugh out loud on other days of the week as both herself and her sockpuppet The BPI Squirrel (oh, have I said too much?).

The humor throughout BPI Campus is not just in the posts. It seems like many of the people drawn to “A Progressive Democratic Community for Discussion, Activism and Humor” are themselves pretty humorous. For example, just this morning I was wandering around and reading overnight comments and I found a DBunn comment on the “Superb Owl athletic contest”.

Disclaimer and CYA: The humor of DBunn is chosen only as an example and does not disrespect the humor or any and all Blogistanis. Coffee spews, Pure Spring Water spews and occasional Adult Beverage spews are generally part of many of the comment threads.

Why is humor so important? My inaugural Morning Feature from October 21, 2009 asks “What’s So Funny?:

I think that what makes humor so effective at getting a point across is that it reaches you on a visceral level. When you laugh out loud, your body chemistry changes. When your laughter is tied to the political point being made, the connection is much stronger.


With that in mind, we are going to launch (what we hope to be) more laughter and more fun by introducing Evening Focus – Silly Saturday on Saturday, February 5th at 9pm Eastern.

Silly Saturday will be an occasional feature and will steal borrow “liberally” from and it’s ever expanding universe of Laughing Out Loud sites. Because, as someone once said “Laughter is the best medicine”. Warning: In the event of a ROFLMAO, we are not responsible for lost, er, body parts.

Okay. Enough about me. Well, actually, there is never enough about me but I will stop there. As someone I know (and love!) says: “Ha!”.