The  governor of my great state of Ohio actually said those words in public and with witnesses. Wow, it is only three weeks into his administration and Mr. Kasich is not making friends nor influencing people except for the bad. It should be clear where we all stand now, right? (More)

“I don’t need your people.”

Wow, he actually said that out loud. Normally, the radical Republicans and their party usually hide their racism. They talk about opportunities and freedom but don’t put it into action. Because they and their party believe in a different kind of conservation than I do,  to conserve the status quo. However, thanks to my friends at Plunderbund,  Mr. Kasich has been exposed again.

Thanks again to my friends at Plunderbund for breaking this story. My Ohio State Senator, Nina Turner offered to help Mr. Kasich to find qualified candidates of color for his administration. This was his reply.

I don’t need your people.

Wow, it is still January and we all know where we stand. And now comes the “he didn’t mean it; he meant (insert something lame here) non-apology apology….Thanks John for letting me know where we stand. This is a continuation of the complete and foolish arrogance that he displayed during his campaign and during his tenure as a Congressman. Wow, it has been three short weeks and when he should be increasing his political capital, but then he says this:

I don’t need your people.

From my friends at Plunderbund who have done a good job at keeping King John honest:

MLK day = St. Patrick’s day according to John Kasich

White’s only is okay with John Kasich

Even Keith Olbermann covered this story

My friend David at Buckeye State Blog has his take.

Of course it doesn’t help when Mr. Kasich has lots of cover from  the newspapers and TV “news”, and especially our local paper the Cleveland Plain Dealer. One of their columnists, Mr. Phillip Morris just doesn’t get it. He got it wrong also.

So this is not the way to win friends nor influence people unless it is in such a bad way that it leave people with a really bad taste in their mouth. This is the twenty first century not the mid- nineteenth century and before. It looks like Mr. Kasich needs to learn something about diversity. Let’s start with the definition:

DIVERSITY is a noun

1. The state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness.

2 Variety; multiformity

3. A point of difference

Antonyms: identicalness, sameness, similarity, uniformity

Synonyms: change, difference, variation, dissimilarity.

Why is diversity important especially in the workplace and public life?

Several benefits spring to mind. One is that you get a greater variety of solutions to a problem. Second, diverse backgrounds create diverse experiences (although we are all Americans) and therefore create different perspectives. I also think it is nice to look around and see variety since it makes life less boring and uniform. Diversity expands the talent pool.  Diversity forces us to get along. Some diversity also might give you the appearance of open mindedness; if you can’t be good at least look like you’re trying to be good. Looks like you are at least one radical Republican who is being honest in your effort to shrink the talent pool. A smaller pie creates less to fight over. Congratulations to my State Senator, Ms. Nina Turner because she actually tried to help you. But because you were disrespectful towards her, she went onto the TV.

Hope this goes viral big time!

Looks like you have a problem sir, with arrogance and small minded thinking. Each seemingly is a characteristic of a conservative mind. You sir, appear as though you don’t respect any one else unless they look like you otherwise you expect: a “yessum Mizzzz Scahlett”, even from other elected officials. Whether you were dismissive of Democrats, or women, or black people, or a Clevelanders, or combo thereof it so doesn’t matter since you are so very wrong on this. I decided that it is about race because that’s how it looks to me. Your people don’t even deny saying it. You sir, ARE NOT a real Ohioan nor a real American. Why? Because you don’t have common decency or courtesy. I pay your salary. You work for me, you big dummy not the other way around. I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for your extraneous personal and home security. We need a refund. My fellow Ohioans are going to be very sorry for four year. I was bemoaning the fact of you, but now, looks like I will have lots of entertainment thanks to you, sir. I hope you have asbestos underwear at the ready because the metaphorical flame throwers are already out and ain’t gonna stop. If you don’t respond to light, maybe some heat will do, eh King John?


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