This week Evening Focus hosts two series: the first on cognitive dissonance and the second on a Kentucky bill to drug test people who receive state aid. (More)

First, our thanks to last week’s Evening Focus lecturer, rb137. Her series on “What do we know about the universe?” answered that question and inspired many more. Monday’s lecture Evening Focus: What do we really know about the universe, anyway? Part 1 and Tuesday’s lecture Evening Focus: What do we know about the universe, anyway??? (Part 2)
covered dark matter, CMBR and included links to other science resources.

On Thursday, Science Dog did a playful recap of rb137’s series with Evening Focus: Science Dog Sez.

Please check them out if you missed them.

This week, we welcome new author Roby NJ to BPI Campus for a three-day series on cognitive dissonance starting Monday, January 31st. In the Author’s own words:

Why do we hate each other so much?

Political violence, heated rhetoric, anger, fear and irrational hatred have many causes, and are not new in human society. Cognitive dissonance theory offers a plausible explanation for why we can develop such explosive enmity for our fellow citizens, fellow humans, our neighbors who are much more like us than not.

This series, in three parts, looks at how cognitive dissonance can play a part in fueling and exacerbating our heated political landscape. Part one starts with the contemporary context; part two examines the psychological research and basis for CD theory; and part three explores the implications and discusses positive possibilities.

HurrikanEagle will finish up the week with a two-day series beginning on Thursday, February 3rd. From the author:

The series will explore Kentucky House Bill 208, introduced by State Representative Lonnie Napier. HB208 would “create a substance abuse screening program for adult recipients of public assistance, food stamps, and state medical assistance.” A similar law was enacted in Michigan in 1999. In 2003 the U.S. 6th Circuit Court ruled that the law violated the Fourth Amendment. The 6th Circuit includes Kentucky. Will this bill pass, and would it be upheld?

For actual posting times, check back as the author’s schedules firm up.

The authors will be available in the comment threads later in the evening to answer questions and ask new ones. And as with all BPI Campus posts, our students and faculty often comment from other time zones (or levels of insomnia) and will likely add thoughts throughout the evening and into the next several days. Please check back and pick up a thread, reply to a comment or post a comment on something about the post that struck you later. Comments are checked often by Authors and other students.

Note: At present, we do not have an Evening Focus lecture scheduled for the week of February 7th. If you have an interest in posting either a three-day or two-day series, please volunteer in the comments or contact us.

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