For those of you expecting Part 3 of “What do we really know about the universe?”, this is not it. That series was by a real life physicist and we will have to wait to find out how that story ends (get well soon, rb137!). (more)

Tonight we have something completely different to gnaw on.

BPI Campus has spared no expense in finding an emergency guest lecturer to explain some other important things about the universe.

Science Dog Sez – Get ready to learn stuff!
Mr Peabody - Science Dog

First, may I have your attention? Er, can you put down that paper?
Read along

One warning: some experiments are dangerous and should only be attempted by physicists.

Although, with a little work, we can all be physicists.

Physics not hard

Let’s review the week’s lessons:

The universe is 13.73 billion years old, plus or minus 120 million years
Age of Universe

The universe is inflationary.

The universe is flat and highly uniform.

The universe is dominated by dark energy.
Dark Energy

A review of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP):
WAMP Probe

And some things we did not cover.

Black holes…
What Black Hole

The big bang theory…
Big bangs theory

One final reminder: Please … do NOT eat the planet.
Nom the world

But do spend some time contemplating our universe.


Hey, rb137, I was in yer photobuckets, stealing yer gifs:


The real universe series:
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