The universe is all around us. This week’s Evening Focus will ask the question: what do we really know about the universe? UPDATE: Schedule Changes (More)

First, our thanks to last week’s Evening Focus lecturer, revgerry. Her series on Tucson was informative, heart rending and inspirational. It started with Evening Focus: My Tucson, a first person piece about the city she loves, then delved into an issue of importance with a call to action in Evening Focus: Arizona Bans Tucson’s Ethnic Studies. The conclusion was an inspirational story of hope: Evening Focus: Tucson, Together We Thrive.

Please check them out if you missed them.

This week, rb137 makes her Evening Focus debut with a three-day series on physics starting on Monday, January 24th at 9pm Eastern. In the Author’s own words:

We will discuss odd topics — why do we think there is dark matter, anyhow??? Maybe we can do an ode to the Tevatron, which is scheduled for decommissioning soon. What do we really know about the universe? What do we know about our early universe and how we got here? How do we know that our ideas about the early universe are right? What is dark matter and dark energy and why do we think it exists in the first place?

rb137 is a physicist and has written on BPI Campus in the Our Earth environmental series but this is her first Evening Focus lecture. All three articles will post at 9pm Eastern and rb137 will be available in the comment threads later in the evening to answer questions and ask new ones (that is how physicists are!). And as with all BPI Campus posts, our students and faculty often comment from other time zones (or levels of insomnia) and will likely add thoughts throughout the evening and into the next several days. Please check back and pick up a thread, reply to a comment or post a comment on something about the post that struck you later. Comments are checked often by Authors and other students.

Schedule Update: Due to the State of the Union address, the lecture series for this week will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday evening, BPI Campus will have a live blog of the State of the Union address. Evening Focus will post at 8pm Eastern to allow for 1 hour of rampant speculation erudite punditry followed by the address.

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Happy Sunday evening! And Happy Sunday afternoon to those in the leftier time zones.