Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is in the form of digitized images or Videos.

Back by popular demand(s), HEMMED In and is proud to bring you a selection of Comedy Central videos: Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report and Jon Stewart from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

So grab a box of popcorn!

Stephen Colbert: The Wørd – Run for Your Life

Dan Burton proposes a bulletproof Congressional plexiglass dome, and Peter King wants to keep guns 1,000 feet from federal officials. Bonus: “And create a suitable habitat for Mitch McConnell to mate”


Jon Stewart: Run RNC

Puppet Michael Steele shares his thoughts on his RNC chairman successor, Reince Priebus. (05:49)

(It is a good thing that I do not believe in hell because I would go straight there for laughing at the Favre joke)


Happy Saturday to everyone and fist bumps!

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