The news focused on Tucson, Arizona last week. This week in Evening Focus we will look at Tucson through the eyes of one who lives in the area and watched the events unfolding. (More)

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This week, revgerry makes her BPI Campus debut in a three-day series on Tucson, Arizona starting on Monday, January 17th at 9pm Eastern. In the Author’s own words:

First we will look at Tucson from an historic and cultural perspective, to place everyone in a unique city. Then, all of Arizona has been affected by the Republican State legislature passing SB1070, the “papers please” law, and by their severe budget cuts to all education, and by the Governor taking a list of people off the wait list for certain transplants and threatening to take hundreds of thousands off public health care altogether. But Tucson has been directly targeted by the Republican State legislature passing a law banning a model Ethnic Studies program. This case exemplifies the values conflict between Baja Arizona and the Phoenix area, and makes really clear the authoritarian nature of “conservative” philosophy. A third piece will then describe Tucson processing its grief and shock after the recent tragic shooting, and make it clear why we believe, as the University proclaimed at the memorial the President and members of his cabinet attended, that “Together We Will Thrive,” why some Republicans were offended by that response, and how the culture of violence vs the culture of care played out in our response to the commonly-despised threat that Westboro was going to come to disrupt the funerals.

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