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England imposed a window tax today (1695). Also, Arthur Guinness began brewing his famous stout (1759), Thomas Edison demonstrated electric lighting (1879), Times Square held its first New Year’s Eve celebration (1904), and the Marshall Plan expired (1951). And the Soviet Union was officially dissolved (1991).

The Janitor Professor of Astrology notes that almost no Guinness was required for the research of this week’s Bippiescopes….

Capricorn: The window tax was repealed. You can unbrick those windows now.

Aquarius: Or keep the windows bricked until the New Year’s Eve fireworks are over.

Pisces: Yes, electric lighting should have made fireworks obsolete. But noooo….

Aries: The window tax was not about peep shows. Sorry.

Taurus: Electric lighting wasn’t about peep shows either. That was the movie camera.

Gemini: Times Square wasn’t entirely about peep shows either. Only somewhat.

Cancer: Yes, electric lights made Times Square possible. Guinness makes it bearable.

Leo: Actually, Guinness is not considered a meal in Ireland. It’s an hors d’Ε“uvre.

Virgo: The Marshall Plan was not a system for arranging the sock drawer. Sorry.

Libra: No, the Soviet Union was not dissolved in Guinness. It was vodka.

Scorpio: The window tax did not include computers. You can keep this window open.

Sagittarius: But I’d close that other window. Wouldn’t want the children to see.


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