The Eco News Roundup brings stories and commentary about issues related to climate change, renewable energy and the environment.

On The Horizon: Liquid Fuels Made By Sunlight

“Fossil fuels won’t last forever, so scientists and engineers are looking for new and efficient ways to capture solar energy for fuel. One promising technique relies on a common material most people have never heard of: the element cerium.

The ultimate goal is to say, ‘How can we take solar photons and convert that into a liquid fuel at higher efficiencies than we know we can do using plants?’

Plants right now are grown to produce biofuels, like ethanol from corn. But green plants typically convert far less than 1 percent of sunlight into fuel.”

EPA to Set Modest Pace for Greenhouse Gas Standards / Agency stresses flexibility and public input in developing cost-effective and protective GHG standards for largest emitters

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued its plan for establishing greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution standards under the Clean Air Act in 2011. The agency looked at a number of sectors and is moving forward on GHG standards for fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries—two of the largest industrial sources, representing nearly 40 percent of the GHG pollution in the United States. The schedule issued in today’s agreements provides a clear path forward for these sectors and is part of EPA’s common-sense approach to addressing GHGs from the largest industrial pollution sources.”

Africa’s Rural Poor Begin Harnessing the Sun

“As small-scale renewable energy becomes cheaper, more reliable and more efficient, it is providing the first drops of modern power to people who live far from slow-growing electricity grids and fuel pipelines in developing countries. Although dwarfed by the big renewable energy projects that many industrialized countries are embracing to rein in greenhouse gas emissions, these tiny systems are playing an epic, transformative role. […]
With the advent of cheap solar panels and high-efficiency LED lights, which can light a room with just 4 watts of power instead of 60, these small solar systems now deliver useful electricity at a price that even the poor can afford, he noted. “

Fox News Director Demanded Bias in Climate Coverage

“We’re “shocked” of course, but Media Matters has reported a leaked Fox News memo, quoting Fox Washington managing editor Bill Sammon scolding reporter Wendell Groler and on-air host Jon Scott for discussing actual evidence of climate change without inserting Fox bias into their report. “…we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question,” Sammon wrote. Sammon went on to say, “It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies.” The “notion” on this occasion was an objective measurement of Earth’s global temperature.”

Canada’s attempt to block U.S. carbon regulations

“Part 1 – Canada’s Fight to Stop States From Lowering Fuel Carbon Levels Part 2 – Make Americans Love Alberta’s Oil Sands The Tyee, an “independent daily online magazine” based in British Columbia, Canada has a two-part series on how Canada is trying to push their dirty tar sands oil and block US regulations to clean up our fuels.”

Will shale gas turn out to be an energy sink?

“If you externalize the costs of a business activity, it means other people pay the costs–environmental, social and otherwise–and you get the profits. It goes on all the time in extractive industries such as oil and natural gas and mining. And, it is also a natural strategy for manufacturers who dump their pollution into the air and the water”

Top 10 Climate-Change Denier Arguments Debunked

“There’s no doubt that historically, temperatures and greenhouse gas fluctuations are nothing compared to the increases we’ve seen in the past century.”

U.S. renewable energy tax grants extended for 1 year

“The renewable energy industry cheered the passage of the U.S. tax bill, which included a provision to extend a generous grant program for projects in the fast-growing sector.”

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