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Reported Victim Of Bush-Era DOJ Politicization To Head DOJ’s Internal Watchdog

“Robin C. Ashton, the woman Attorney General Eric Holder just named to head of the Justice Department’s internal ethics office, was reportedly herself a victim of improper politicization during the Bush administration at the hands of Regent University graduate Monica Goodling.

“As a veteran career prosecutor, Robin is uniquely qualified to serve as Counsel for Professional Responsibility, and I am confident she will lead the office with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and dedication,” Holder said in a statement.”

The Anti-Birther

“From Michael Memoli, writing in the LA Times …

Reporting from Honolulu — [Former U.S. Rep.] Neil Abercrombie knew Barack Obama’s parents when the future president was born here in 1961, and he has been aggravated by the so-called birther movement, which alleges Obama was not born in the United States and thus should be expelled from office.
Now Abercrombie has an office of his own — he became governor of Hawaii on Dec. 6. — and he intends to do something about it.

What, exactly, is unclear. But in an interview this week at the state Capitol, he left little doubt that torpedoing the conspiracy theorists was a priority.

“What bothers me is that some people who should know better are trying to use this for political reasons,” said Abercrombie, 72. “Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.’ “”

The Biggest Battles In This Year’s War On Christmas

“Every year, there is a war that rages throughout the nation. The 76 percent of Americans who call themselves Christian face a nearly existential threat from the myriad forces that come together to conspire against them. This year, the battles raged on, and TPM was there to document them.

This, friends, is the story of the War on Christmas 2010.
Nucleate Santa

Rick Scott’s Economic Advisers Manipulate Research To Claim Unemployed Are Lazy And Don’t Try To Find Jobs

“Rick Scott, the corrupt and fraudulent former health care executive who is soon to be Florida’s next Governor, received a report from his economic transition team this week that recommended he needs to crack down on the unemployed. Scott’s economic team, headed by the state’s most affluent business leaders, quoted research by former Obama administration official Alan Krueger to claim that the unemployed are lazy and need to be driven off unemployment benefits. Krueger, who is a well-regarded professor of economics at Princeton University, took issue with the characterization of his research. “

ACLU’s Holiday Message Labeled ‘Suspicious Activity’ By Tennessee Counter-Terrorism Officials

“Tennessee’s state counter-terrorism officials at the Tennessee Fusion Center maintain an open-source internet map which identifies “terrorism events and other suspicious activity.” The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Tennessee found its way briefly onto the map earlier this month, after the civil rights group penned a letter to school superintendents encouraging “schools to be supportive of all religious beliefs during the holiday season.” “

Military Families Aren’t Whole For The Holidays

“More than 140,000 U.S. servicemen and women are deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq this holiday season. They are serving their country, but are away from spouses, children, and parents. This can make the holidays lonely for the families at home who love and worry about them.”

Beyond Fossil Fuels: African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power

“As small-scale renewable energy becomes cheaper and more reliable, it is providing the first drops of modern power to people far from electricity grids and fuel pipelines.”

Bavaria Booms, but Germans Feel Economic Malaise

“Germany’s good fortune, however conspicuous to other Europeans, is viewed internally as having come at the expense of workers.”

Hungary Waves Off Criticism Over Media Law

“Prime Minister Viktor Orban is fighting back against criticism from European countries over a new law that some fear could curb press freedom.”

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