The Aztec calendar stone was found today (1790). Also, Franz Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony premie… (1865), the Wright Brothers (1903), DC-3 (1935), B-47 (1947), F-86 (1950), and Atlas rocket (1957) made first flights or missions, and the U.S. Air Force stopped investigating UFOs (1969). And The Simpsons debuted (1989).

Greetings and social banter here.

Bippiescopes below. (More)

The Janitor Professor of Astrology insists that no UFOs were involved in researching this week’s Bippiescopes…..

Sagittarius: That bright light over your house is harmless. It’s the sun.

Capricorn: The Zeta Reticulans would like their probe back. Bend over.

Aquarius: Please ask the aliens to bring back the other you. Thanks.

Pisces: Independence Day was only a movie. In real life they smell worse.

Aries: You will meet a tall, dark, lovely, little, gray, ugly stranger. Or a friend.

Taurus: It’s not yet time to take over this planet. Wait for your orders.

Gemini: Many extraterrestrials are mostly friendly some of the time. Kind of.

Cancer: Yes, antigravity would work for those too. So does silicone.

Leo: No, antimatter and “doesn’t matter” are not synonyms. Sorry.

Virgo: Science fiction spaceships are always clean. The keyword is “fiction.”

Libra: The Aztec calender did not predict an extraterrestrial invasion. Sorry.

Scorpio: Yes, extraterrestrials might wonder if there is intelligent life here. Don’t you?


Happy Friday!