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This NYT photo shows Target on the right and xxxxx on the left, two stray hero Afghan dogs who emigrated to the US after preventing a suicide bombing attack inside a barracks.

Usually I write about people. Today, I am writing about Target, a stray Afghan dog who saved a barracks of American soldiers when she confronted a suicide bomber.

In February of 2010, an Afghan suicide bomber dressed in the uniform of a border police officer attempted to enter a US military barracks. After being confronted by a small pack of snarling dogs, he detonated the bomb outside the barracks without killing anyone. Five American soldiers were wounded in the attack.

One of the three hero dogs died of wounds suffered in the bombing. The other two, Rufus and Target, were flown to the United States where they were adopted after making the rounds on US talk shows including Oprah Winfrey. Target was adopted by a medic who treated the dogs and soldiers after the attack.

Unfortunately, Target was accustomed to roaming as she pleased. She escaped the yard of Sgt. Terry Young, the 37 year old medic who had adopted her and was picked up by animal control. Sgt. Young found her picture posted on the website of the local shelter and immediately paid to retrieve her from captivity.

But when he arrived first thing Monday morning, he was too late. A worker at the shelter mistakenly euthanized Target over the weekend. Young and his family were devastated.

Here is a link to Target’s Facebook Page. R.I.P. Target.


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