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This week I attended my local party meeting, our first since the midterm elections. Many of us put a lot of hours into this election, and Florida Democrats did not see many positive results. Most of the meeting was an open forum to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and what we can do going forward. We’ve discussed what went wrong in 2010 and how we Democrats can improve for 2012 these last two weeks in Morning Feature. So I’ll share an encouraging “what went well” story.

Florida public schools have a civics project called Kids Voting. (The link is for the Tampa Bay site; there are similar regional sites across the state.) The program teaches students how to research candidates and issues, moving beyond ads and sound bites. The students discuss the candidates and issues in social studies classes. On election day, the students vote with mock ballots very similar to the real ones.

Democrats won every Florida Kids Voting race, statewide. There’s hope for our future.