Zoe married Romanus Argyrus today (1028), per the wishes of Constantine VIII. It was Byzantine. Also, Norwegians voted to retain their monarchy (1905), and Hugh Gray photographed Nessie (1933). And Tim Berners-Lee published a proposal for World Wide Web (1990), laying the foundation for Blogistan.

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Bippiescopes below. (More)

The Janitor Professor of Astrology surveyed the stars, Byzantine politics, and soap operas for this week’s Bippiescopes….

Scorpio: Those Aquarians and Taurans may be plotting against you. Or maybe not.

Sagittarius: Ask a Pisces to set up a date with a Leo. Then sit back and watch.

Capricorn: Don’t trust that Cancer’s stories about those Aries. Make up your own.

Aquarius: Working with the Taurans to get those Scorpios could backfire.

Pisces: Leos are very nice, really. Just ask a Sagittarian.

Aries: Ignore those stories from Cancers and Capricorns. Except that one about….

Taurus: The Scorpios know about your plot. Help them get the Aquarians instead.

Gemini: No one is plotting against you. But no one is plotting with you either.

Cancer: Actually Arieans don’t do what you said in that story. They do this instead….

Leo: Be suspicious of Pisceans. Just to frustrate the Sagittarians.

Virgo: Keep notes about your non-involvement in chronological order of not-done.

Libra: Call a Gemini this weekend. Plan to rearrange the Virgos’ notes.


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