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Josh Marshall: “Whatever the merits of Evan Bayh’s arguments (in an oped in Wednesday’s Times), given that he walked away from a winnable Senate seat and held on to a $10 million war chest that other Dems could have put to good use, I think what most Democrats would like from Evan Bayh right now is for him to shut up.”

Three Electoral Reforms That Would Improve And Enrich Our System Of Representative Democracy

“Today, millions of Americans are voting or have voted for a variety of local, state, and federal offices and for various ballot initiatives. By doing so, they took part in a proud American tradition of choosing our leadership and our policies that stretches back since the nation’s founding.

But the American electoral system that governs this process is far from perfect. The candidates on many Americans’ ballots had to spend tens of millions of dollars to be competitive, pandering to powerful special interests to build their war chests. Americans’ choices are limited by a ballotting process that discourages multi-party democracy. And many voters can’t even get off work to vote. On this election day, ThinkProgress presents three critical reforms that would overhaul America’s system of representative democracy, making it more meaningful and robust.
– Publicly Finance All Federal Campaigns
– Enact Instant Runoff Voting Nationwide
– Make Voting Day A National Holiday And Allow For Same-Day Registration

King Tells Women Who Protest His Vote Against Rape Protection: You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

“Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has a knack for championing the ridiculous. But now he’s being called out for opposing the obvious. Last Friday, some of King’s constituents gathered outside his Sioux city office to demand an explanation for his vote against the Tribal Law and Order Act, legislation “designed to ease the stubbornly high rates of violent crime, including rape and sexual assault, within Indian reservations.”

Three years in the making, the measure finally “gives tribal courts tougher sentencing powers” to combat the declining rate of prosecutions (which are at 50% for murders and 30% for rape and sexual assault). And with one in three Native American women likely to be raped and more than 86 percent of these rapes being carried out by non-native, mostly white men, the need for this legislation was evident.”

Harold Ford Says Obama’s Lesson From Midterms If GOP Win Should Be To ‘Extend The Bush Tax Cuts’

“Democratic Leadership Council chairman Harold Ford was on MSNBC this afternoon discussing today’s midterm elections and the implications for Democrats and President Obama should Republicans take control of one or both houses of Congress. While Ford said he “loves” all the “wonderful feats” of the past two years, such as health insurance and financial reform, he said that the takeaway for Obama from a GOP victory today would be to extend the Bush tax cuts.”

Palin Lashes Out Against ‘Out Of Touch’ Ed Gillespie, Warns GOP Against Compromising On Health Repeal

“Sarah Palin hit back at former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie this morning after he suggested that Republicans should approach their governing strategy “with great care” and only “try to repeal those parts of the health care reform bill, the Obamacare bill, that have caused premiums to go up, shifted people out of the insurance they like, into a public plan.” Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, Palin called Gillespie’s comment “out of touch,” and insisted that Americans didn’t want health care reform “to start with”.”

Robo-Call Tells Kansas Voters That They Need Proof Of Home Ownership To Vote ‘On Wednesday’

“Over the weekend, Kansas voters received mysterious phone calls claiming to be informing them of the proper way to vote. The calls, which appear to be exclusive to voters within the state of Kansas, tell voters that they need to “bring their voter registration card and proof of home-ownership to the polls” when they open on Wednesday, November 3 — one day after the actual election.

Following the revelation of these robo-calls, the Kansas Democratic Party called upon the state’s attorney general to open an investigation into the group running them. On Monday, Attorney General Steve Six (D) agreed to an investigation, pointing out that in his state “misleading individuals about their vote is a felony“.”

California says ‘no’ to legalizing marijuana cultivation

“In a landmark ballot measure that tested the boundaries of the public’s acceptance of pot, California voters decided Tuesday night they’re still not ready to legalize marijuana smoking as a leisure activity.”

Tancredo, Angle, Whitman Lose After Anti-Illegal Immigration Campaigns

“A few pieces of good news for supporters of a more inclusive immigration policy: Harry Reid beat out Sharron Angle (R), who ran a campaign that relied heavily on anti-illegal immigration rhetoric, and immigration hawk Tom Tancredo lost the race for Colorado governor.”

Companion piece: House Immigration Policy Now in the Hands of GOP and Steve King

Boxer, Head of Senate Environment Panel, Wins Re-Election

“Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is projected to keep her Senate seat, besting her Republican opponent Carly Fiorina, the Associated Press reports.

That means that Boxer will stay on as the chairwoman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.”

Companion piece: What’s Next for the Energy and Commerce Committee?Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), the most senior Republican on the committee, made it known tonight that he wants the spot.

As GOP Rides Wave to House Majority, Dems Set to Hold Senate

“Pundits may differ over which natural disaster analogy was most fitting — tidal wave or earthquake? — but Republicans made large gains in both chambers of Congress and various statehouses across the country on election day. And while, at the time of writing, races in several key Western states were far from decided, the election night shaped up to be one of few surprises for either party. Republicans guaranteed themselves a majority in the House, while Democrats can rest assured that they’ll retain a majority in the Senate come 2011.”

Diplomatic Memo: NATO Sees Threats, but Is Reluctant to Say Just Who the Enemy Might Be

“There are diplomatic reasons to not mention Russia and Iran as threats, but a new antimissile system would exist partly because of them.”

China Stages Naval Exercises

“China massed 1,800 troops and more than 100 ships, submarines and aircraft for a live-fire display of the nation’s growing military power.”

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