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In Ohio, One Democrat Appears To Throw In The Towel

“Ohio is still a central battlefield for the 2010 election. Democrats in the state and elsewhere still think they have a real shot at keeping Gov. Ted Strickland (D) in office, and President Obama is heading back to the Buckeye State this weekend to help them do it. But for one Democrat, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, the fight appears to be over.

As the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported yesterday, Fisher — the Democratic nominee for Senate — decided to turn what little campaign cash he has left — $100,000 — over to the state Democratic Party for general GOTV efforts.”

Civil Rights Commission Chalks Ups Bush DOJ Illegal Hiring To ‘Ideological Conflict’

“During the Bush administration, political leadership of the Civil Rights Division illegally made career hiring decisions based on ideology, a Justice Department report concluded. Bradley Schlozman was found to have violated federal law, referring to attorneys in the Voting Section as “mold spores,” and hiring conservatives he dubbed “good Americans.”

But in a draft of a report they will vote on tomorrow, the conservative-controlled U.S. Commission on Civil Rights — which didn’t seem to take an interest in those allegations a few years ago — chalks those violations of law up to “ideological conflict.””

Crossroads GPS’ One-Size-Fits-All Ad Falsely Claims North Dakota’s Booming Economy Is ‘Reeling’

“With veteran GOP operative Karl Rove at its back, and a little help from the Citizens United decision, the conservative PAC American Crossroads and its 501(c)(4) counterpart Crossroads GPS bombarded the airwaves with over $16 million in attack ads this campaign season. With 5 days to go until the election, American Crossroads announced $6 million worth of ad buys yesterday in its final blitz to defeat Democrats. But, while a GOP victory might be the Crossroads groups’ top priority, one ad proves that accuracy is certainly not.

This season, Crossroads created a one-size-fits-all ad slamming targeted Democrats for supporting the Recovery Act. Running in different races across the country, the ad claims that while whichever state’s “economy is reeling,” whoever the Democrat happens to be is “making [the economy] worse” by supporting the “stimulus boondoggle.” Confident that this “fill-in-the-blank” issue ad fits every state, Crossroads ran the ad against Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) in North Dakota. “North Dakota’s economy is reeling and Congressman Earl Pomeroy is making it worse,” the ad warns.

The ominous ad, however, fails to mention one important detail: North Dakota’s economy is not reeling. In fact, it’s booming. This summer, North Dakota saw employment rise from 362,100 in December 2007 to 371,300 last month — a record in job creation for the state.”

Steve King Says Children Will Be Raised In ‘Warehouses’ If Conservatives Don’t ‘Defend Marriage’

“The Iowa Independent’s Lynda Waddington caught up with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) at the so-called “Judge Bus” tour — a campaign urging Iowa voters to oust three Iowa Supreme Court judges who overturned an Iowa statute banning same-sex marriage in April 2009. King has long argued that judges shouldn’t “legislate” from the bench, and said that he feared the court’s decision would turn Iowa into a “gay marriage Mecca.” Yesterday, at a bus stop in Cedar Rapids, IA, he told Waddington that if conservatives don’t restrict marriage to one man and one woman, children will be taken away from their parents and to be raised in warehouses”.”

GOP Leaders Tell Obama: There Will Be ‘No Compromise’

“Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who is in line to become a powerful committee leader should Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, made some waves last week when he said he wanted to work with President Obama after the midterm elections. “We have a real opportunity to get some things done,” he told the Wall Street Journal. Issa quickly refined his position, however, later telling ABC’s Top Line that “the word ‘compromise’ has been misunderstood.” He clarified that his job will be “getting America back to the center right where it exists.”

It seems the Republican leadership agrees with Issa — there will only be compromise if the President agrees to everything it wants.”

Report: Halliburton knew BP well’s cement likely unstable

“Houston-based Halliburton knew that the cement it was using to seal BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well was unstable, but did not tell BP or act on the information internally before the well blew up April 20, the staff of the presidential commission investigating the disaster reported Thursday. The findings add to the growing body of evidence that safety procedures intended to head off such accidents were ignored or overlooked.”

Why the Lame Duck Session Might Be Campaign Finance Advocates’ Last Hope

“Most campaign finance reform advocates are calling for greater restrictions — or at least stricter disclosure requirements — on donations from outside groups in response to the flood of spending in the 2010 elections. Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.), one of the few Republicans this election cycle who’s facing a moderately strong Democratic challenge in his Sacramento-area race, agrees that outside spending is a problem, but he thinks the main problem isn’t the lack of restrictions on outside groups — it’s the caps placed on direct donations to candidates.

Why does Lungren’s opinion matter? Assuming he wins re-election and Republicans capture a majority of seats in the House, he’s slated to take over the chairmanship of the House Administration Committee, which has jurisdiction over campaign finance legislation. “

GOP Can Win Seats, But Can It Claim an Ideological Mandate?

“Following midterm elections, what kind of mandate can the Republican Party claim? A new Bloomberg National Poll indicates that while voters are ready to elect Republicans, they’re not especially keen on the GOP itself or a majority of its proposals:

The poll finds Republicans in an unusual position: on the brink of making political gains while the party and its policies are unpopular. Likely voters are evenly divided on the Republican Party, with 47 percent holding a positive opinion. […]

Republicans have said they want to cut $100 billion from the federal budget as early as January. That would amount to 21 percent of the government’s so-called discretionary spending and target programs such as college loans for low-income students or medical research at the National Institutes of Health.

Less than one-third of poll respondents — 31 percent — say they support cutting federal spending in areas such as education and health care, excluding Social Security, Medicare and defense.”

China Is Said to Resume Shipping Rare Earth Minerals

“Officials said that China had eased restrictions on exports of rare earth minerals to the United States and Japan.”

Clinton Says China is Not an Adversary

“Opening a seven-country tour of Asia, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declared on Thursday that the United States was not bent on containing China.”

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