From: BPI Squirrel

To: BPI Budget Committee

The campus has already has a lovely bird bath. The resident faculty even have a hot tub that they claim as their faculty lounge. But we have no squirrel bath. And I often need one after reading the news. (More)

For example, there’s this McClatchy story today on our news feeds. (Oh, and while I’m at it, stories about nuts on our campus news feeds are not the same as a campus feeder with nuts. Just sayin’.) I noticed it because of last week’s Morning Feature series on the real fraud in claims of “election fraud.” The fraud is the claims themselves. Proven examples of fraudulent votes average only 0.04% of votes cast. That’s four-in-10,000.

But you can always find something like this:

“We have had some problem in the past with folks voting that should not have happened,” said Lloyd Smith, the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party.

Among those was the famous case in 2000 of Ritzy Meckler — a dog — listed on the St. Louis voter registration rolls. Smith likened the party’s preparations this year to “a speed limit on a highway. It’s not there to write you a ticket, but to make sure everyone plays by the rules.”

Yep, one dog. That’s part of the four-in-10,000. Send out armies of “poll watchers” to scrutinize every brown-skinned voter in St. Louis … just in case a poll worker might not notice a dog asking for a ballot.

Of course it’s not one dog. It’s also:

In fla we had 200,000 illegals vote last election. That means the votes of 200,000 actual citizens was neutralized by people who had absolutely no business at the polls. But in the twisted minds of liberals this is perfectly acceptable. Endorsing itis in fact “patriotic” to them.

That is a user comment from Buhbyeklein.

Google [Florida 2008 200000 illegals vote] and you’ll find lots of news articles … and not one claiming 200,000 illegals voted in Florida that year. The closest I could find was a story that Democrats registered 200,000 new voters from September to mid-October in 2008. There is no evidence any of them was illegal. I couldn’t even find a pundit or blogger who made that claim in October or November of 2008. The user comment is a lie … plain and simple.

I read this stuff as research for my thesis on 21st Century Political Nuttitude. And after reading it, I want to take a bath. The birds have a bath. The resident faculty have their hot tub faculty lounge. Please build a squirrel bath.

Thank you.