Gottfried Liebniz introduced the symbol ∫ for the integral today (1675). Also, New York City saw its first ticker tape parade (1886), the National Organization for Women was founded (1966), and the first computer-to-computer link was made on ARPANET (1969). And HDTV began in the U.S. (1998).

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Kossascopes below. (More)

The Janitor Professor of Astrology insisted on the mention of Liebniz and the calculus symbol ∫ because it’s Halloween weekend and he wanted something scary to go with this week’s Kossascopes….

Scorpio: Skip that weekend trip to Camp Teen Slasher. Do GOTV instead.

Sagittarius: Avoid that forest with the hook-wearing psycho. Just phone-bank.

Capricorn: Trick-or-treating is a good excuse to canvass your neighborhood.

Aquarius: Don’t babysit with a killer in the house. Put up yard signs.

Pisces: There are no monsters under your bed. They’re running for Congress.

Aries: Never push the red button. The blue one is much safer.

Taurus: Reschedule that seance. Hold a GOTV house party instead.

Gemini: Your house has 126 ghosts, according to a Rasmussen poll. Ignore the polls.

Cancer: Don’t listen to the soul-searing shrieks of TV pundits. Attend a GOTV rally.

Leo: Don’t pick up armed psycho hitchhikers. But offer rides on election day.

Virgo: After trick-or-treating as a personal organizer, help organize local volunteers.

Libra: You get the scariest Kossascope of all. Speaker John Boehner. GOTV!


Good morning! ::hugggggs::