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Bill Clinton Speaks in Española

Two years ago, presidential candidate Barack Obama held a rally in front of my house. Last week, Bill Clinton held a rally in La Plaza de Española, the same grassy park in front of my house in support of Diane Denish, the Democratic Candidate for Governor of New Mexico.

It was attended by about 4,000 enthusiastic, happy people along with a handful of their pooties and woozles.

People gathered in my driveway to enjoy the shade.

I rushed home from a meeting in Tierra Amarilla about 90 minutes north hoping to pick up my son at school. Traffic was snarled in front of the plaza. It took me almost 40 minutes to drive a single block from the north end of the plaza to my home. Fortunately, a nice policeman removed the barricade, allowing me onto my street. A small crowd of strangers were congregating in my driveway, enjoying the shade.

I called my son and asked him to take the Park and Ride and meet me in front of our home.

Senator Tom Udall (who once came over to my house for a cup of coffee after an event at the Plaza when he was still in the House) also spoke. I am not sure what he said, since I was running back and forth looking form my son and snapping photos of people I knew in the crowd. But it must have been good because he is Tom Udall and the crowd was cheering loudly.

I ran home, fed the pooties and woozles, snarfed down a glass of water and headed out to find my son. Here are some pix of people I saw in the crowd:

Linda Pedro is an outstanding community organizers. She led an eight mile interfaith pilgrimage to promote healing from drugs from her wheelchair.

This woman jumped into my picture of Congressman Ben Ray Lujan. I don't know who she was but she seemed very nice!

Ray Chavez used to be a Santa Fe County Commissioner. Now he's the chair of our hospital advisory board.

Fred Sandoval and his partner, Rachel, are musicians.

Jerry Fuentes is a Land Grant activist.

Bill Clinton spoke for about 45 minutes. He talked about the economy which took a nosedive after he left office, and reminded the crowd that what had taken 8 years to drive into the ground could not be fixed in 18 months. He talked about the out of state campaign donations flowing into New Mexico…Susana Martinez has raised nearly $800,000 in a single quarter, mostly through three donations from Texans.

“Texas doesn’t need two Governors” he admonished us. “But New Mexico sure does need one!

Hot Democratic Dogs!

After the rally, I wandered home for another drink of water and photos of my kitties. Then I moseyed on over to Dandy Burger to phone bank.



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