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Rand Paul To Jack Conway: ‘You Demean Kentucky’

“Whatever was left of the gloves in the heated Kentucky Senate race came off tonight. In a televised debate from the University of Louisville, Republican nominee Rand Paul lashed out at his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway — even refusing to shake his hand at the end of the debate — saying to Conway at one point “you demean the state of Kentucky.
Conway again attacked Paul over his suggestion that the Medicare deductible should be increased to help pay for the program’s costs, and Paul shot back with his standard attacks on Conway for not using his position as Kentucky’s attorney general to join other states suing the federal government over the Constitutionality of the new health care law. Paul claimed that there are constitutional problems with the law’s coverage mandates and other new programs.

In response, Conway said he was “always amused” to “get a lecture in constitutional law from a self-certified ophthalmologist” and said that he didn’t join the suits because there was no constitutional question when it comes to the new law.

“I’m not going to waste the resources of the Commonwealth of Kentucky on tea party politics,” he said.””

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Asked 7 Times, Fiorina Fails To Give A Frustrated Wallace One Solution To Cut Spending

“Touting her outisde, business-executive saavy, GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina (R-CA) constantly chants the GOP mantra to cut government spending. She even released a budget plan last month intended to prove that she’d “rein in out-of-control government spending.” But, in telling her constituents that she will cut government spending, Fiorina seems undaunted by one minor fact: she has no idea how.

Today on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace gave Fiorina a chance to lay out her actual plan. Touting her “tough, bottom-line business executive” motto, Wallace pointed out that Fiorina also wants “to extend all, all the Bush tax cuts which would add $4 trillion dollars to the deficit…where are you going to find $4 trillion dollars to cut?” But when Fiorina retreated to recycled response of government waste and an earmarks ban, a frustrated Wallace begged Fiorina seven times to “name one single entitlement expenditure you’re willing to cut” because “that’s where the money is.” Fiorina’s only response? “You’re asking a typical political question”.”

New Hampshire Chamber Leaves U.S. Chamber, Says It Can’t Find ‘One Positive Thing To Say’

“The Nashua Telegraph reports the U.S. Chamber’s participation in right-wing politics is now causing it to lose losing some of its local support. Jerry Mayotte, executive vice president of the Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce, announced last Friday that his group is leaving the U.S. Chamber because he does not want to be associated with the national Chamber’s political ads in favor of Republican candidates:

“We didn’t like the fact that the U.S. Chamber was supporting particular candidates,” Mayotte said. “We don’t think it’s good business practice to do so.

“We take stands on particular issues considering business, but not particular candidates.””

Marine wounded in Iraq still fighting – this time for benefits

“Wounded Marine Brian Dunn is fighting to get the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay for artificial disc replacement surgery in Germany. Back surgery, he says, could give him a normal life again. But that surgery is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so the VA will not pay for it.”

Germany Is the Last Holdout in YouTube’s European Music Quest

“Google, using a carrot-and-stick approach of negotiation and music blackouts, is beginning to root out the legal hurdles to YouTube’s growth in Europe.”

Britain Looks to Graduates to Pick Up the Tuition Tab

“A report looking at how to secure a “sustainable future for higher education” in Britain has called for the cap on tuition fees to be scrapped in favor of a free-market approach paid for by graduates.”

French Fuel Supplies Threatened as Strikes Go On

“Confrontation stiffened Monday between strikers and the government over plans to raise the minimum age for retirement.”

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