Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason today (1793). Also, the Edison Electric Light Company opened (1878), Alfred Dreyfus was arrested for spying (1894), and New York Municipal Airport (now LaGuardia) was dedicated (1934). And Fortran, the first modern computer language, was released (1956).

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Kossascopes below. Good morning! ::hugggggs::

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Libra: FOR (day=Friday) TO (day=Sunday): RespondNiceWeekendQuery (“It’s Okay”)

Scorpio: IF party=”TGOP” THEN (IF hellFrozen=True THEN VoteFor ELSE VoteAgainst)

Sagittarius: WHILE coffee=”Brewing” SET voiceMode=”Off”

Capricorn: ERROR weekendOutlook $UNDEFINED

Aquarius: ERROR TYPE MISMATCH (self, annoyingTVHost)

Pisces: IF coffeeAvailable=False THEN SET panicMode=”On”

Aries: IF (thought=”Ooooh” AND christineODonnell=False) THEN Touch(Self)

Taurus: FOR (1, humorIndex) REPEAT Voice(“Ha”)

Gemini: WITH(oneFoot, theOther) DO KeepPutting(inFront)

Cancer: IF (lifeState!=reallyBad) THEN SET whineMode=”Off”

Leo: WHILE (catLocation=Lap) SET (readMode=”Off” AND petMode=”On”)

Virgo: SORT (kitchenUtensils, kitchenDrawers) BY (size, function)