Richard Iott, former Nazi reenactor and racist threat-monger, running for Congress.

Rob Portman, Bush loyalist and liar, running for U.S. Senate.

John Kasich, former VP at now-defunct Lehman Brothers and Fixed News commentator, running for Governor.

All in Ohio. (More)

Let’s take a look these folks:

Although he is not at the top of the ticket, I start with Richard Iott. He was selected for the “Young Guns,” radical young candidates whom the party considered rising stars. But it seems Rep. Eric Cantor and friends vet their “Young Guns” about like John McCain vetted his choice for running mate:

Iott with some of his friends from his weekend hobbyThat’s the recruiting video the World War II reenactment unit that Iott joined, a Nazi Waffen SS division. Here’s a picture from The Atlantic:

After Iott’s past as a Nazi reenactor was revealed, Rep. Cantor dropped him from the “Young Guns” list. (From what I see, they ain’t so young.) Iott’s defense, offered on CNN Monday: “I have a Jewish friend.”

And there’s more from my friends at Plunderbund. When his son’s college roommates wouldn’t let him out of the lease on their apartment, Iott sent an email warning he would find a sublet tenant “from a Third World nation that practices small animal sacrifices and glorify stealing as an art form.” Nothing like a racist threat as a negotiating tactic, eh?

On to former Congressman and Bush loyalist Rob Portman. He says Ohioans have lost most of our jobs to other states due to regulatory and tax policy. But even the Cleveland Plainly Republican Dealer‘s review of the job loss data from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services found:

From Jan. 1, 2007, through March 31, 2010, Ohio lost 4,820 jobs due to company moves out of state…. This is out of 264,016 jobs counted as lost altogether in this particular series of reports….

Rob Portman is lying to confuse the electorate so somebody (not me) votes for him. He doesn’t even say he’s a Republican.

Now consider John Kasich, former Fixed News commentator and former VP of now-bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers. He is running for Governor, and he doesn’t think highly of Ohioans. This week he said to create more jobs “We have to stop being lazy and sloppy.” Way to make friends and influence people to vote for you.

Kasich plans to repeal Ohio’s income and estate taxes, promising these changes will bring us economic prosperity. But many states that have tried those strategies are in worse shape than Ohio is economically. Kasich outsourced jobs while on the board of Invacare, chasing short-term profits at the expense of the people of Ohio. John Kasich is badly out of touch with working Ohioans.

Although the Cleveland Plainly Republican Dealer gave Kasich a lukewarm endorsement, their political cartoonist has another idea.

Let’s stop these radicals now.

We need more and better Democrats like the people who are running on the statewide Democratic ticket here in Ohio. State offices are especially important in a census year. In 2000 the GOP leaders gerrymandered districts, giving their party a 3:1 advantage in a state that splits 50-50 in votes. When Republicans win, the fix is in. So please support our Democratic candidates:

Ted Strickland and Yvette McGee Brown for Governor and Lt. Governor

Lee Fisher for U.S. Senate

Richard Cordray for Attorney General

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy for Secretary of State

David Pepper for Auditor

Kevin Boyce for Treasurer

Donate to each individually, or to Chris’s swear jar (Ohio Democratic Party). If you can’t give money, donate time by canvassing and phone-banking. Encourage other like minded people to vote.

A mighty fist bump to all!