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Johnson Testified To Protect Catholic Church From Sex Abuse Lawsuits

“As a member of the finance council for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay until he resigned to run for Senate this year, Ron Johnson served alongside a bishop named Robert Morneau who, as a Church leader, had been made aware over two decades ago of the abusive tendencies of Rev. John Feeney.

Rev. Feeney was convicted in 2003, before Johnson joined the council, for sexually assaulting two brothers in the late 1970s. But according to documents obtained by the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the Church sought to cover up his crimes, which one reverend called “sexually very inappropriate.”

Seven years later, Johnson testified before the Wisconsin State Senate against legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations for such crimes, making it easier for victims of sexual abuse to seek damages from the Church or any other culpable institution. “

Pastor GOP House Candidate Blasts NOM For Sending Out ‘Tasteless’ And Unwanted Anti-Gay Campaign Fliers

“Pastor Brian Hale, the GOP House candidate in Maine, was hoping to challenge incumbent Rep. Jeffrey McCabe (D) using the “fiscal conservative” label. But thanks to the unwanted help from the right-wing National Organization of Marriage (NOM), Hale is now dealing with the “homophobe” label. Last week, NOM began filling local mailboxes with a two-sided flier that “features a smiling family of four with a ‘Welcome to Maine, the way life should be’ placard and a single photograph of Hale.” On the flip side, the flier displays a photograph of McCabe, his email address, and two men in bow ties, arm-in-arm, standing atop a wedding cake. This side’s placard reads, “Now it’s time to let Jeff McCabe know we don’t agree with his decision to back same-sex marriage.”

While the fliers carried Hale’s name and email address, they also carry the return address for NOM’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. “I never heard of the National Organization of Marriage until I pulled it out of the mailbox,” Hale said. Though Hale is against marriage equality, he decried the effort as a “tasteless” and “inappropriate” tactic that is only helping to paint him as a “homophobe“.”

Inconvenient Facts That The Chamber Hasn’t Refuted

“The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent reports that the Chamber of Commerce has issued yet another response to our story – at least the fifth different statement it has offered since we first reported yesterday morning on their foreign sources of funding. The Chamber’s latest effort is to engage in personal name-calling, referring to ThinkProgress as “a George Soros-funded, anti-business blog” that is “deceitful.” This smoke-and-mirrors response serves to obfuscate the basic facts which ThinkProgress revealed:

1) The Chamber acknowledges that it receives foreign sources of funding.
2) The foreign funds go directly into the Chamber’s general 501(c)(6) entity.
3) At least $300,000 has been channeled from foreign companies in India and Bahrain to the account.
4) The foreign sources include foreign state-owned companies, including the State Bank of India and the Bahrain Petroleum Company.
5) The Chamber’s 501(c)(6) entity is used to launch an unprecedented $75 million partisan attack ad campaign against Democrats.

Nothing the Chamber has said in response to our story refutes those basic set of facts”

Angle And Vitter Use The Same Photo Of ‘Illegal Aliens’ In Racially-Tinged Attack Ads

“Last month, Nevada senatorial candidate Sharron Angle (R) released an ad that portrayed opponent Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as being the “best friend an illegal alien ever had.” This month, Angle’s latest racially-tinged ad goes after Reid and his support of undocumented students. The ad includes offensive footage of menacing men with flashlights walking along a fence that was featured in her first ad in addition to a new image featuring three scowling Latino men as the narrator proclaims, “and now Harry Reid is fighting for a program that would give preferred college tuition rates to none other than illegal aliens.” Watch it:

Reid’s campaign released a fact check and a statement on the ad saying, “despicably, Angle’s new ad ramps up her use of incendiary imagery to appeal to Nevadans’ worst fears, while using the exact same thoroughly-debunked lies from her first two ads — lies that independent analysts and fact-checkers have called out as false.” However, Angle isn’t the only Republican lawmaker to invoke negative anti-Latino stereotypes. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) used the same exact photo in one of his own attack ads.”

Dick Armey Wants To Completely Eliminate Any Federal Funding For Higher Education

“Last night, FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey appeared on CNN’s Parker Spitzer to advocate for his conservative views and the tea party. Armey explained that he wants to inject tea party values into mainstream American political culture and wants its politics to define the modern Republican Party.

At one point, Spitzer asked Armey a series of questions about what he thinks the government should and should not be involved in funding to try to “add texture” to what the FreedomWorks chairman believes. During this question period, the CNN host asked Armey if he would “have the federal government pay for higher education?” Armey bluntly responded, “No, I would not.” He then went on to say that the university system of his home state of Texas has “not been made any better by federal money involvement:”

SPITZER: Would you have the federal government pay for higher education?

ARMEY: No I would not.

SPITZER: You would not have any funding?

ARMEY: No. I don’t think the federal government’s involvement in education has benefited the students of America.”

Cantor: Jewish Americans Are Democrats Because They ‘Are Prone To Want To Help The Underdog’

“The Wall Street Journal reported last weekend on its lengthy interview with House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA), who the Journal noted “would be the next majority leader — the second most powerful post in that chamber behind the speaker” if the GOP wins control of the House this November. But during the interview, which was conducted by the paper’s conservative columnist Steve Moore, Cantor made a startling admission:

Mr. Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in the House and Senate (there are more than 40 Jewish Democrats), and we discuss why. “First of all,” he laughs, “I’m looking for some company in Randy Altschuler,” who is running in the first congressional district of New York. “Randy’s looking good in his race, so we are hoping to double the Jewish Republican caucus.”

Mr. Cantor believes the American-Jewish community is overwhelmingly Democratic because Jews “are prone to want to help the underdog.””

Obama administration declares Iraq open for U.S. business

“The United States is hoping that a share of Iraqi reconstruction projects will help revive the U.S. economy and assist in reaching an ambitious goal of doubling American exports globally in the next five years.”

Grim economy news: Jobs numbers shrank in September

“U.S. employers shed more jobs than expected in September, according to two closely watched surveys released Wednesday that cast a shadow over the government's official September jobs report due Friday. Private non-farm payroll employment fell by 39,000 jobs in September, the ADP National Employment Report said. Economists had expected a 20,000 gain.”

A Right-Wing Candidate Dons the Mask of Moderation

“As in many close elections, Pennsylvania’s Senate race has largely become a contest about defining and capturing the elusive middle. Democrats might enjoy a substantial registration advantage in the state, courtesy of the 2008 elections, but the state’s swing voters — mostly middle-class suburbanites with tolerant social views and moderate fiscal concerns — are recognized by both Rep. Joe Sestak (D) and former Rep. Pat Toomey (R) as the real prize. These nonaligned folks are seeking a candidate who will look out for working families and approximate their own pragmatic views. And with less than a month to go before Nov. 2, it looks like they’ve settled, against all odds, on Toomey.”

Napolitano Confirms There Is No Opt-Out Option for Secure Communities

“Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano confirmed today that Secure Communities, a program that provides federal immigration officials with fingerprint data from local police, is mandatory for local jurisdictions. “We don’t consider Secure Communities an opt in/opt out program,” Napolitano said, according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman. Her statement was official confirmation of news The Washington Post broke last week: Despite allowing local communities to believe they could opt out of sharing fingerprints with ICE, DHS actually set up the program to go over their heads to get the information directly from the FBI.”

Rampant Fraud Threat to China’s Brisk Ascent

“The faking of academic credentials in China leaves many worrying about climbing the next rung on the economic ladder.”

Real Estate Collapse Spells Havoc in Dubai

“Now, with the glitter gone, many who bought in are finding it hard to get out.”

Satire: American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress

“Citing a desire to gain influence in Washington, the American people confirmed Friday that they have hired high-powered D.C. lobbyist Jack Weldon of the firm Patton Boggs to help advance their agenda in Congress.


“Unlike R.J. Reynolds, Pfizer, or Bank of America, the U.S. populace lacks the access to public officials required to further its legislative goals,” a statement from the nation read in part. “Jack Weldon gives us that access.”

The 310-million-member group said it will rely on Weldon’s considerable clout to ensure its concerns are taken into account when Congress addresses issues such as education, immigration, national security, health care, transportation, the economy, affordable college tuition, infrastructure, jobs, equal rights, taxes, Social Security, the environment, housing, the national debt, agriculture, energy, alternative energy, nutrition, imports, exports, foreign relations, the arts, and crime.
“The goal is to make it seem politically advantageous for legislators to keep the American people in mind when making laws,” Weldon said. “Lawmakers are going to ask me, ‘Why should I care about the American people? What’s in it for me?’ And it will be up to me and my team to find some reason why they should consider putting poverty and medical care for children on the legislative docket.”

Though Weldon has only been on the job for three days, legislators have already seemed to take notice.

“Before today, I’d actually never heard of this group,” Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) told reporters. “But if Jack says they’re worth my time, I’ll take a look and see if maybe there are some areas where our interests overlap.”

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