“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side of the Force” ~Master Yoda, Star Wars. It is interesting how something so profound can come from a movie, and how truthful it can be. (More)

The fear that the MSM has kept alive has lead to anger among Democrats, making them hate the thought of voting for a losing proposition, and letting the dark side (TGOP) win this November. Consider this comment from someone I know in my campus’ College Democrats last week:

But why should Vice President Biden say that he thinks progressives need to stop whining? We are his base and we support him. He is the vice president of his party. He shouldn’t be insulting us.

To say that this comment infuriated me is an understatement, but I paused to reflect on what he said and our current culture. It led to a long string of comments back and forth to each other over Facebook.

I summed it up as follows:

We are playing into their hands the same way that the PATRIOT Act played into the hands of the terrorists following 9/11. We must understand that for the last 2 years the Republican party has made it their mission to stop the Democrats at every turn on every piece of legislation. So Democrats complaining and getting angry at each other now is just playing into the hands of the Republican Tea Party’s 18-month campaign of political terrorism.

Now I will admit that President Obama has not delivered on every single thing he promised on the campaign trail. That is a fact. We have no public option on health care, Gitmo is still active, and DADT hasn’t been repealed, just to name a few. But getting angry at the administration for not passing these is not the way to fix them. Nor is saying that if the administration had just fought harder we’d have them.

And that is the meat and potatoes of the issue, especially for our latest voting generation. What some call Generation X, but what I call Generation Internet. We are a generation brought up in an instant gratification. We are consumers targeted by advertisers our entire lives, and most of us still live at home or only recently moved out. We want the newest best model – cell phone, computer, or candidate – not because it works better but to make ourselves feel better.

The problem is that politics aren’t instantly gratifying and promises made on campaign trails won’t always be kept. While President Obama and Vice President Biden are the de facto leaders of the Democratic Party, they are also the President and Vice President of the United States. They don’t have the luxury of seeing the world in blue and red; they see it in purple.

If we want our executives to deliver on their campaign promises we must not lose our anger – that would be stupid – but we must instead harness that anger for getting more Democrats in both houses come November. Our system of government does not allow the Executive Branch to dictate policy on most issues. Even where the president can make policy, those changes take time to play out and the media jump on the bad news out of habit. The saying in the media goes: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

That’s why Fred doesn’t watch the news but gets it through his friends, family and co-workers. Because frankly, the mainstream news is depressing. When you’re talking to Fred, remind him of President Obama’s promises and then remind him that in order for President Obama to fulfill those promises we need more and better Democrats in Congress and state and local government. And when talking with Fred and other Democrats, remind them that policy changes take time. And time, oddly enough, is progressives’ biggest ally in our push for a better country to live in. My generation is more progressive than older Americans. But that is no reason for complacency.

President Obama and Vice President Biden were right. To get out the vote and give Democrats a chance to fulfill more of those campaign promises, we need to stop whining about what they haven’t done, and start promoting what they have done. Or else we let the Dark Side win.