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Rep. Broun Claims Federal Government Will Be Calling Your House Every Day To Make Sure You Eat Your Veggies

“Earlier this month, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) held an America Speaks Out town hall at the Elberton Civic Center in Elberton, Georgia to discuss various issues with constituents. At one point, Broun made the wild claim to his constituents that the federal government, through the Centers for Disease Control, would be calling Americans every single day to make sure they eat their fruits and vegetables. Broun called this “socialism of the highest order”.”

Merkley: Senate Obstructionism Is ‘Damaging the Other Two Branches of Government’

“Speaking at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund this week, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) warned that Senate obstructionism has become so severe that it is hollowing out the other branches of government:

It’s absolutely impossible to make the Senate any less deliberative than it is at this moment . … I want to add that this isn’t just about the Senate and legislation. This is about the judiciary and the executive branches, because we are unable to confirm the nominations for the courts. We’re unable to confirm the nominations for the President’s team, and that is outrageous that the Senate, in its role of consulting and confirming, is basically damaging the other two branches of government.”

McMahon Unsure What The Minimum Wage Is, But Sure That It Should Be Lower

“At a press conference today, Republican Senate candidate and World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon (CT) celebrated the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, a “prominent business interest lobby” that finds fault with unemployment insurance, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act.

But “staff abruptly shut down” the conference when McMahon began endorsing the NFIB’s more controversial opposition to increasing the federal minimum wage. When pressed by reporters on whether she supported reducing wages, McMahon said “Congress should consider lowering” such a “mandate” that businesses cannot afford:

Most notably, McMahon said she believed Congress should consider lowering the federal minimum wage in times of economic distress for small businesses, such as the current recession.”

Most Tea Partiers Think Free Trade Agreements That Tea Party Candidates Support Are Bad For The Country

“Earlier this week, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal released a new poll surveying Americans’ views on trade. The poll found that 69 percent of Americans thought that free trade agreements the United States has taken part in have cost the country jobs, and 53 percent of Americans think these agreements hurt the country as a whole.

Interestingly, the poll also found that opposition to free trade agreements is particularly strong among Americans who define themselves as supporters of the Tea Party movement. 61 percent of self-described tea party supporters said they thought free trade has harmed the United States, just four percent less than union members. […]
What’s ironic about most tea partiers opposing free trade is that numerous high-profile tea party-endorsed candidates are ardent backers of the policy. From sitting U.S. senators to relatively unknown individuals who have become serious candidates for higher office, politicians who have co-opted the tea party movement do not share its view on free trade.”

S.C. Rep. Clyburn rejects doomsday predictions for Democrats

“House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn emerged from a strategy meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday and defied doomsday predictions of sweeping Democratic defeat in November. With most analysts predicting that Republicans will regain control of the House, Clyburn said Democratic control will hold — though with a narrower margin.”

Bingaman, Snowe Introduce Energy Tax Incentives Package

“Sens. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) have introduced an energy tax incentives bill that they are urging the Senate to pass before the end of the year. The bill includes tax incentives for homes and businesses that invest in energy efficiency, manufacturers of clean energy technology and developers of energy storage technology, which is essential to prove the viability of intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar.”

Right Wing Anxiety Over Voter Fraud Grows

“As midterm election campaigns heat up, so too are allegations of voter fraud, the majority of which are being made by right wing groups. TPM reports that the fears among such groups focus on “the perception that racial minorities are disenfranchising whites”.”

Amid Austerity, Britain Keeps Benefits

“British politicians are moving very cautiously in limiting benefits like child subsidies or a winter heating allowance.”

Extinct Penguin Wore Earth Tones, Fossil Shows

“Researchers say imprints left by the large bird, which lived in Peru more than 36 million years ago, contain evidence that its feathers were mostly reddish brown and shades of gray.”

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