Here I am in our nation’s capitol and the first thing that comes to mind is that the Metro reminds me of Harry Potter. You just jump in the chimney and voila! You are somewhere else!

The people here are a lot like the Hogwarts crowd, too…

Just last week, I was sitting around a table with folks in cowboy boots and hats talking about elk jerky. The parking lot was filled with rusty pick up trucks. It was at least a 45 minute drive to the nearest store.

And now here I am in an office behind the scenes at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History where my friend is curator.

There is a lovely new exhibit on Evolution entitled “What it Means to Be Human.” If you look closely at the skeletons, you will notice that a small ancestor of ours who is the size of the hobbit wears a ring…

Even anthropologists have senses of humor.

The exhibit almost didn’t come to fruition. It was orginally proposed by the British Museum to educate the American public about a controversial new idea called evolution. It was initially turned down by the Director of Exhibits at Natural History. But the scientists fought back. The Director was canned, the little skeleton was given her hobbit ring, and evolution made it into the museum although not in time to celebrate Darwin’s birthday.

There have been no new ghost sightings to report in the offices or among the bone displays. In fact, the collections are moving out to the storage facility. My curator friends suspects the ghosts are moving with them.

A few days ago, teacherken took us to the National Democratic Club for a glass of wine and pointed out all sorts of chiefs of staff. Rahm was not among them and he did not swear at us.

Sorry this is a short diary. I have a train to catch to Philly. I will be back in time for a meet-up this evening at Union Station and for tomorrow’s labor rally. More on that in Sunday’s Furthermore!