Christine O’Donnell’s says her first date was on a Satanic altar spotted with flecks of blood. I had a date a few weeks ago with a medical lab. I parted with twenty vials of blood and two large buckets of urine.

But not for Satan…

I parted ways with my blood in an attempt to find out if I am a potential kidney donor for our sister blogger, Kitsap River. Today, the transplant center called me with the results.

According to the nurse on the phone, I match one of six possible antigens: not great but still possible. It means that if I am able and choose to donate a kidney, Kitsap will have to take a lot of medication to prevent her body from rejecting the kidney.

The nurse seemed more concerned about my kidney function, which was low according to the two 24 hour urine collections (that’s why I had to use jugs). Also, my local hospital forgot several tests and conducted a few that were not required. So, in a few weeks I will have to go to another hospital (probably in Albuquerque) and give away a few more vials of blood and urine to see if the low kidney function was an anomaly caused by diet. In addition, we will complete the missing tests.

Maybe I’ll use the trip to the city as an excuse to bring our ailing MacBook Pro to the Restore for a battery of tests of its own.

I am both apprehensive that I might not be able to donate, and apprehensive that I may indeed be able to donate at the same time.

And I am a little bit relieved to put off the decision for a few more weeks.

Adios Amigos! I will check your comments after I arrive in DC!