The battle of Thermopylae began today (480 B.C.E.). Also the city of Boston was founded (1630), the U.S. Constitution was signed (1787), and the NFL was organized (1920). And the Camp David Accords were signed (1978), ending the decades-long conflict between Israel and Egypt.

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Kossascopes below. (More)

The Janitor Professor of Astrology consulted no Spartans in bringing you this week’s Kossascopes:

Virgo – Actually the pass at Thermopylae was not a romantic overture.

Libra – Although you might think that from the movie The 300.

Scorpio – The Persian air force at Thermopylae did not use rugs. Sorry.

Sagittarius – There is no evidence that John McCain was at Thermopylae.

Capricorn – But that crashed Persian rug is very suspicious.

Aquarius – “Come back carrying your shield or on it” is a mistranslation.

Pisces – The Spartan women actually said “What a pita.”

Aries – The pass at Thermopylae was not thrown by Brett Favre.

Taurus – The 700 Thespians at Thermopylae were not all actors.

Gemini – The Persian king Xerxes was not named after a prescription drug.

Cancer – Neither was the Spartan king Mycoxadrupin. That wasn’t his name.

Leo – The Spartan women may have meant bread. Or maybe not.


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