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I’m honestly not sure.  I just know it creeped her out when her coworkers told her what had been happening, and I know when I got the final tidbit all the rest snapped into place.

But what do you do?  I can’t prove anything, nothing has really happened yet.  So let me tell you about it.  Maybe you can tell me I’m not crazy to worry.  Or maybe you’ll tell me otherwise.

My daughter worked nearly full-time at a coffee shop over the summer, then went to one day a week when her college semester started (she has two jobs so one had to give a bit).

So for the last two weeks she’s been in the coffee shop only once.  A regular customer noticed her missing.  But it didn’t stop there.

He started asking when she would be working again.  They told him they couldn’t tell him that. 

He asked where she was.  They answered, “She’s going to school these days.”

He called four times asking for her by name, and asking when she was scheduled to work again.  They told him it was against the law for them to tell him.

Then he topped it all off with the thing that made my heart sink: he went to a neighboring store in the chain and asked if she was working there now.  And for some reason, the neighboring store was troubled enough to let my daughter’s store know that.

Okay.  What is stalking?  He hasn’t done anything illegal.  He hasn’t approached her personally outside the store or her job.  But hunting her this way is making me queasy.  Was I right to tell her to demand escort to and from her car when at that job?  Am I wrong not to at least ask the police?

But the guy has no name.  He’s known by the drink he orders.   He has a bit of an English accent, and they think he drives a white SUV.  In short, no one knows him from Adam.

So really, there’s nothing here.  A few phone calls, a few questions, maybe a step too far in checking the other store to see if she worked there.  Nothing illegal.

But my daughter now feels “creeped out” and frankly, so do I.  And I don’t know what answers there are at this point.

None, probably.  What do you think?


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