I attended my local Democratic Party meeting, where we learned about the Florida Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign for the 2010 elections. (More)

One major change here is that Campaign for Accountability – the Florida version of Organizing for America – has become the voter outreach arm of the state party, so we now share volunteer information and outreach lessons from President Obama’s 2008 campaign. As discussed Thursday in Morning Feature, the change is already apparent in our voter outreach calling scripts, which focus more on open-ended questions and listening to voters.

In 2010 our outreach will focus on state issues and especially our governor’s race. We have a great Democratic candidate, Alex Sink, who is currently leading over Tea Party Republican Rick Scott. Scott was the CEO of Columbia/HCA in 1997 when the company was convicted and fined $1.4B for Medicare fraud. He wants to stop implementation of the 2010 health care act, duplicate Arizona’s unconstitutional immigration law, further limit women’s health care decisions, and break Florida’s public schools. We are also encouraging registered Democrats to vote in our state legislative races, which will be crucial as district lines are redrawn after the 2010 census. I’m making GOTV calls, and will also be helping to coordinate volunteers at our county Democratic Party office.

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