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Brewer Finally Backpedals: I Was Wrong About Headless Bodies

“Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) is finally backpedaling on her bogus claim that headless bodies have been found in the Arizona desert, the alleged product of illegal immigration.

“That was an error, if I said that,” Brewer told the Associated Press yesterday. “I misspoke, but you know, let me be clear, I am concerned about the border region because it continues to be reported in Mexico that there’s a lot of violence going on and we don’t want that going into Arizona.””

GOP Establishment Derides Delaware Tea Party Candidate As ‘Reckless,’ ‘Hypocritical,’ And ‘Dishonest’

“Fresh off its victory over Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the Tea Party Express is setting its sights on taking down Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary. Castle, regarded as the moderate in the race, is facing a spirited challenge from Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell. A new poll shows the race within single digits and the Tea Party Express is committing over $250,000 on O’Donnell’s behalf.

As with Tea Party candidates Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Mike Lee in Utah, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Ken Buck in Colorado, Joe Miller in Alaska, and Marco Rubio in Florida, the Republican establishment is trying to fend off O’Donnell’s primary candidacy. However, rather than learn from these defeats and take a more muted approach in future contested primaries, the Republican establishment is doubling down on its anti-Tea Party strategy.”

GOP Congressional Candidate Says He Wants To ‘Choke Off’ Funding To Health Care Legislation

“Since Congress passed its health care legislation expanding health insurance to tens of millions of Americans earlier this year, leading conservatives have debated about the best way to oppose it. Some have advocated for simply repealing the entire bill wholesale, while others have argued for a “repeal and replace” strategy that would replace the legislation with a yet-to-be-determined conservative plan for health care.

Scott Tipton, the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, is advocating for a third option: rather than repealing the legislation or replacing it with something else, he wants to “choke off funding” for the legislation, effectively stifling its effectiveness without doing anything to improve the U.S. health care system:

The Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District called for reductions in the size of the federal government and said he would vote to “choke off funding” for health-care legislation passed by the current Congress. “

Another reason to love banks: Wachovia, BofA adding fees

“No more waived fees for using another bank’s ATM. Higher monthly account charges. Fees for paper statements with images of canceled checks. These are some of the changes coming to customers of Bank of America and Wachovia.”

Educational Gaps Limit Brazil’s Reach

“Education is a major stumbling block in Brazil’s bid to accelerate its economy and establish itself as one of the world’s most powerful nations.”

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