From the BPI Squirrel:

Well it’s finally September. This is good news, as part of my job at BPI is to research each day’s Campus Chatter when I’m not roving to cover the news (I don’t break it; it’s already broken). And the todays-in-history for August were … grim.

First, as I’m also working on my thesis in 21st Century Political Nuttitude, I should dispel any confusion about Emma Nutt, the first female telephone operator who led off today’s Campus Chatter. Hers is not the Nuttitude to which I refer. And squirrelous rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, Ms. Nutt was neither related to nor eaten by any famous squirrels.

But as was quipped of the late Johnny Carson, “Enough about me; let’s talk about what you think about me.” Or about August.

Yes, August was miserable. Judging by the today-in-history highlights I reviewed over the month, August is usually miserable. From coups de etat to riots to battles to massacres to serial killings, you humans seem to lose it in August. Last year humans went crazy over non-existent death panels.

This year humans went crazy over “Sufi terrorists” – really, that makes as much sense as “militant Quakers” – planning to build an Islamic community center in Manhattan. That craziness included stabbing a cab driver in New York City, burning a mosque under construction in Tennessee, and trying to break up evening prayers by firing a shotgun outside a mosque in western New York. Not to mention a Florida church’s planned Burn A Koran Day.

In Europe, many businesses close for the month of August and their employees go off on holiday. Congress does the same here in the U.S., with their August recess. Maybe they have the right idea. Maybe humans need a recess during August, because you don’t seem to handle it very well.

Fortunately it’s September now. That means it’s time to act sane again. Like the … oh wait … battles of Chantilly (1862) and Sedan (1870), coups de etat in Libya (1969) and the Central African Republic (1981), attempted assassination in Jordan (1970), and the school hostage crisis in Russia (2004).

Maybe I need to rethink the influence of seasonality on my Nuttitude thesis….