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Bush On Ryan’s Roadmap: ‘You Don’t Get Steak — Ever’

“Former Florida governor and brother to Dubya Jeb Bush has a way with words.

He spoke to the New York Times for a story today on Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) “Roadmap” budget plan, which calls for, among other things, dismantling Social Security and Medicare.

From the Times:

“He’s not saying the world’s going to be full of butterscotch sundaes,” is how Jeb Bush described the plan to me recently. “He’s saying: ‘Eat your broccoli. And then maybe you don’t get to eat at all for a few days. You don’t get steak — ever.’ ” “

Huckabee: It’s Good For America If Young Undocumented Immigrants Go To College And Become Citizens

“Today, NPR’s On Point posted its interview with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, in which he was asked about a bill he supported in 2005 that would have provided undocumented immigrants who met certain requirements with state-sponsored scholarships.

In response, Huckabee stood by his position and perhaps, albeit unintentionally, made a strong case for why Congress should move to approve the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, which would grant young, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. by their parents and have lived in the U.S. for most of their lives with a path to legalization. In his interview, Huckabee argued that denying bright, young undocumented immigrants access to higher education doesn’t just wrongfully punish children, it’s also bad for taxpayers and America as a whole.”

Colorado Senate Primary Could Shape The Face of Senate Rules Reform

“Yesterday, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) won a tough victory over primary challenger Andrew Romanoff. The showdown between Bennet and Romanoff, however, reveals as much about a growing consensus among relatively new Democratic senators and senate candidates as it does about any differences between the two candidates. Both Bennet and Romanoff supported ambitious plans to reform the Senate Rules and limit the impact of filibusters.

Under current Senate Rules, no vote can be taken on a bill or nominee unless 60 senators agree to end debate on that matter. Moreover, even after 60 senators successfully break a filibuster by invoking “cloture,” the rules still provide for up to 30 hours of post cloture debate. Although the 60 vote requirement is the most well-known aspect of the filibuster, the 30 hours of post-cloture debate is actually a biggest obstacle to completing routine Senate business. Presently, for example, the White House lists 240 nominees awaiting confirmation in the Senate. At 30 hours of debate per nominee, the Senate would have to spend 300 days of floor time to confirm each nominee — and that’s assuming that the senators canceled all recesses, worked 24/7, and passed no bills whatsoever.

Bennet’s proposal for rules reform is significant because it would address both of these issues.”

Bachmann Calls For Tea Party/GOP ‘Unity,’ Says Movement Is ‘Looking To The GOP’ For Leadership

“Last month, House Republicans officially embraced the Tea Party movement when Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won approval from House leaders to form a Tea Party Caucus. Bachmann, who is caucus chair, said the group “will serve as an informal group of Members dedicated to promote American’s call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and limited government.”

Despite the fact that the movement is overwhelmingly conservative, many Tea Party leaders have boasted that they do not adhere to a particular political party. But last night on Fox News, Bachmann not only said that the movement needs GOP leadership, but went a step further and called on the Tea Party to unite with the Republican Party.”

‘Game of chicken’ coming in Congress over Bush tax cuts

“Congressional incumbents, already nervous about increasingly unpredictable November elections, are facing a potentially make-or-break political decision: Whether to vote on extending expiring Bush era tax cuts before the election. The answer is likely to reverberate all over the campaign trail.”

Marriage Equality’s Long March

“Gay marriage advocates may have lost a number of battles at the ballot box this past year, but it appears they’re winning the war. From Nate Silver:

Here is a version of the graph we produced in 2009, but updated to include the dozen or so polls that have been conducted on it since that time, as listed by I have also included opinions on gay marriage from the General Social Survey, which asked about gay marriage as long ago as 1988”

Nates Chart

Brave New World for Campaign Spending

“In case you haven’t read it already, Patrick Caldwell’s profile of the post-Citizens United landscape for campaign spending gets at a number of important trends. First, while 527 groups like and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth told much of the story of spending during the last few election cycles, they’re quickly going out of fashion in this one:

For high profile companies who still wish to influence campaigns, there are other avenues available beyond independent expenditures that allow them to circumvent disclosure requirements. 527s have captured the imagination of reporters and voters alike over the past decade, but these groups will become more rare, as the groups need to file monthly reports with the FEC that reveal both their expenditures, and their sources of income.

Instead, there is a rising class of non-profits, 501(c)4s, that have taken their place. Unlike 527s, 501(c)4s are not required to provide the FEC with donor information. Conservatives have organized a network of 501(c)4s prepared to run ads before November.”

More Americans Support Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill Response Now That Well is Plugged

“A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll finds that about half of Americans approve of the way President Obama handled the Gulf oil spill, now that the flow of oil has been stopped.

From The Wall Street Journal:

It appears that, from a political standpoint, the Gulf oil spill is a fading memory. Half of Americans approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance on the spill, while 38% disapprove. That’s a reversal from two months ago, when the gusher was still spewing crude into the Gulf. Moreover, 57% of Americans support an expansion of offshore drilling, compared with 53% who supported it in the midst of the spill in June.”

Unrest Is Undermining Hopes for Afghan Vote

“President Hamid Karzai’s ability to deliver a credible parliamentary election in September is in doubt.”

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