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After Zakaria, What about Other ADL Humphrey Prize Recipients?

“Fareed Zakaria’s dramatic rebuke of the Anti-Defamation League for opposing a mosque at the Ground Zero construction site replacing the 9-11 destroyed World Trade Center in New York raises obvious questions about who else has been honored by the ADL and how these recipients feel about the high profile controversy.

As he explains in this commentary, Zakaria is not just hitting ADL on the head but rather returning the Humphrey Medal and $10,000 prize as an effort to encourage the organization to regain its credibility by recognizing that it made a mistake. This is a principled move by Zakaria and holds open the hope that ADL will pivot back towards the ethical track it has long been on.”

Analysis: Tea Party Supporters Harbor More Racial Resentment Than Other Conservatives

“As the right-wing media machine pursues the “Southern Strategy” of stoking fear among their white conservative audience about black and brown people destroying America, pundits have argued whether the Tea Party movement — closely aligned with Fox News, conservative talk radio, and right-wing websites — is “racist.” Although instances of racist sentiment at Tea Party rallies can be easily found, defenders of the movement argue they are aberrations, if not part of a liberal conspiracy to smear tea partiers.

As TP’s Matt Yglesias wrote in this weekend’s Washington Post, right-wing xenophobes are fueling a “summer of fear” that has its roots in the economic downturn. The strategy of linking racial resentment to fears of economic redistribution and government control under a black presidency — in right-wing storylines including Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, New Black Panther Party, ACORN, the “Ground Zero Mosque“, and “anchor babies” — is finding a ready audience among the people who identify themselves as tea party supporters.”

FL GOP candidate McCollum: ‘I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children.’

“Fresh off his George Rekers scandal, Florida Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum is telling Florida Baptist News that he wants to expand Florida’s discriminatory adoption laws to prohibit gay people from serving as foster parents:

MCCOLLUM: I don’t believe in gay adoption. I don’t believe in involving the government in enforcing or encouraging the lifestyle of gays and homosexuals. I just don’t believe that. […]

Q: Florida permits homosexuals to serve as foster parents. That has been used as an argument to undermine the ban on adoptions. Should homosexuals be permitted to serve as foster parents in Florida?

MCCOLLUM: Well, I personally don’t think so, but that is the law.

Q: Should the law be changed?

MCCOLLUM: I think that it would be advisable. I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children. “

Ellison Responds To Pawlenty: He’s So Desperate To Be President That He’s Willing To Dishonor The Constitution

“In an interview with Real Clear Politics last week, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) broke his silence about the Islamic community center set to be built near Ground Zero in New York City. “I’m strongly opposed to the idea of putting a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero — I think it’s inappropriate,” he said. “[I]t’s hallowed ground, it’s sacred ground, and we should respect that. We shouldn’t have images or activities that degrade or disrespect that in any way.”

On Friday, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D), the first Muslim member of Congress, shot back:

“I know he wants to be president really bad, and I know he’s trying to appeal to the most extreme elements of his party to do that, but I hope he doesn’t want to be president so bad that he’s willing to dishonor the First Amendment and our heritage of religious tolerance,” Ellison told the Star Tribune. […]

Ellison said that Pawlenty displayed “a profound lack of understanding” about religious tolerance, and he should apologize for his remarks.

“It’s very unseemly that a Midwestern politician would try to divide New Yorkers and Americans on the basis of religion,” the Minnesota Democrat said. … “His ambition is blinding him right now.””

Gates proposal would cut thousands of Defense jobs

“In an effort to deter potential budget cuts by Congress and streamline a burgeoning Defense Department, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Monday proposed to cut spending on contracting, to close a command stationed in Norfolk, Va., and to reduce the number of flag officers and civilian leaders.”

Obama Outlines Higher Education Plans in Texas Speech

“President Barack Obama took the stage at Gregory Gymnasium at The University of Texas at Austin Monday afternoon to outline a higher education plan that stresses affordability, retention and career readiness.

[Education1] Obama pointed to the increase in global competition for education, highlighting the nation’s sliding standing from first in the world one generation ago to 12th today. The president called for 8 million more college graduates by 2020 to help the country climb back to the top.

“Our competition is growing fiercely,” he said. “It is unacceptable but not irreversible. If we are serious, we can take the lead. By 2020 I want America to have the highest share of graduates compared to other any nation.””

GOP Stars Descend on Georgia

“Tomorrow is Georgia’s Republican primary runoff for governor. The race is between former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel and former Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.), but the media is making more of the face-off between the multitude of 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls who are throwing trying to their weight around.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) has endorsed Deal, visting Gainsville on his behalf on Sunday. Not to be outdone, Sarah Palin — who has endorsed Handel — campaigned for her at the InterContinental hotel this afternoon in Buckhead. (Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) also aired a web video on Friday urging voters to go to the polls and vote for Deal.)”

Portugal Makes the Leap to Renewable Energy

“The country’s experience in converting to renewable power shows rapid progress is achievable, but also highlights the price.”

Gyantse Journal: How China Turned Dark Days for Tibet Into Reason to Be There

“The government has appropriated a British invasion in 1904 as part of the long history of imperialist efforts to dismantle China.”

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