I am told that this is where you go when you have a rant that needs a little elevation. Since I only stand 5’2″ tall, I need a Campus Soapbox to get that elevation so that EVERYONE CAN HEAR ME.

I just got home after being in my car to run errands. When I am in my car, I listen to Progressive Talk Radio, something that I can’t do when I am in my office because the radio sounds distract the thinking parts of my brain.

The “progressive” host of the early afternoon show just told his listeners that they should not vote for Democrats in the fall to “teach them a lesson”.

Are you kidding me? I mean, really, are you kidding me? The worst part is that the “progressive” host’s “progressive” listeners starting lighting up the lines. You would think it would be to say “R U Nutz?” but it wasn’t. It was Joe in Florida saying:

“I agree with you. I am going to stay home because if the Democrats won’t help elect progressives, I would rather have the republican win.”

Followed by Edith in Seattle and Frank in Washington DC and Tom in Texas…all saying the same thing.

Let’s break down the “logic” of this argument (quickly before I run out of quotes):
1. Talk show host and caller want a more progressive Congress
2. Talk show host and caller encourage others to not vote because they would rather have the republican elected

I understand the anger. I understand the upset. I understand that not everyone got the unicorn they expected when they watched the election night speech from Grant Park in 2008.

But you will NEVER EVER get anything remotely like a unicorn if the Tea Party GOP is in charge of Congress. And, to continue the animal allusions, I promise you will feel like you were following too closely behind an elephant.

The words of the “progressive (ooops just ran out of quotes…please imagine a close quote here) talk show host are not an isolated instance of upside-down logic. Last week in an interview, a prominent blogger said that he did not care if more Democratic Senate seats were lost because there is no difference between 59 Senators and 54 Senators.

No difference. R U Nutz? Of course there is a difference. 59 means you go chasing Scott Brown or one of the Maine Senators or Senator Lugar on a good day. 55 means that you are sunk because you are not going to get 5 republicans to vote out of step with their party.

I hope they R Not Really Nutz and were just having a bad day. Because if the voices and keyboards of progressive media really think that electing the Tea Party GOP, be they Rand Paul or Sharron Angle, is the same as electing Jack Conway or Harry Reid, they need to consult a dictionary, a thesaurus and seek immediate medical attention because they have lost their minds. And my respect.

And, by the way, this still energizes me. As it should any Progressive (no quotes needed).

[This was a rant from the Emergency Furthermore! Campus Soapbox Network. We now return you to your regular programming.]