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Mosque Ado About Fear-Mongering: Right Wing Takes On Muslim Worship Anywhere And Everywhere

“Long story short: It’s starting to become clear that some conservative groups think that if Muslims are able to worship on American soil, the terrorists have won.

In big cities and small rural communities, from New York to Tennessee to California, the right-wing fear machine is spinning up to take on the construction of mosques and Muslim community centers. In each case, the argument is essentially the same, when the hedging is peeled away: you don’t necessarily have to exercise your freedom of religion in the privacy of your own home, but hey, you can’t do it in public here either.”

It’s On: WV Passes Compromise Legislation For Special Election For Byrd’s Seat In November

“West Virginia has passed legislation to hold a special election this November to replace the late Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, with Dems and Republicans compromising on key provisions. Dem Gov. Joe Manchin, a potential candidate in that same election, signed it into law Monday night. […] a key compromise for Republican support involved allowing candidates who have already filed for election this year to simultaneously run for the Senate seat — clearing the way for GOP Rep. Shelly Moore Capito to run for both the Senate seat and her House seat if she so chooses.”

Rep. King Claims His Comment That Republicans Don’t Need A ‘Complete Agenda’ Was Taken ‘Out Of Context’

“Last week, as ThinkProgress first reported, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) told conservative radio host Bill Bennett, “I don’t think [Republicans] have to lay out a complete agenda” for the Fall elections. An embarrassing performance by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Pete Sessions (R-TX) on Meet the Press Sunday suggested that the Republican congressional campaign chiefs were taking King’s advice, as they failed to detail any substantive GOP policy ideas. “

Racist New Hampshire State House Candidate Advises Tea Party To Be More Open With Its Racism

“While the tea party movement is desperately trying to fight off charges of “racist elements” from the NAACP, Ryan J. Murdough, a Republican candidate for New Hampshire State House, has no qualms about expressing his views on race. “It is time for white people in New Hampshire and across the country to take a stand,” Murdough wrote in a letter to the Concord Monitor titled “We must preserve our racial identity”.”

Angry About Congress Passing ‘Left-Wing Agenda Items,’ 45-Year-Old Parolee Opens Fire On Cops

“Yesterday, 45-year-old parolee Byron Williams opened fire on Highway Patrol officers in Oakland, California. After a brief shootout, Williams, who was wearing body armor, was shot and is currently in an emergency room in stable condition at a local hospital.

In an interview with the local news, Williams explained that her son was unemployed, angry at “left-wing politicians,” and upset about Congress “railroading through all these left-wing agenda items.””

Clinton unveils $500 million in aid projects for Pakistan

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday unveiled $500 million worth of civilian aid projects for key ally Pakistan, in an attempt to counter rampant anti-Americanism in the country by reaching out to the population with tangible help.”

Cameron to Meet With Senators on BP Lockerbie Involvment

“Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, is slated to meet with four Senate Democrats today to discuss whether BP played a role in the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, an allegation the company denies.”

White House: We’ll Push for Another Unemployment Extension in November

“Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs indicated that President Obama might push for another unemployment extension in November, when the extension the Senate plans to authorize today expires.

The Senate is taking a cloture vote today, and hopes to push through a majority-rules vote as soon as possible thereafter. The House needs to then approve the bill, which finally goes to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law. The reauthorization of benefits will extend retroactively to June 2, when 300,000 people a week started to be dropped from the rolls, until Nov. 30. The benefits will aid people who have been unemployed for more than six months in states with unemployment over 8 percent, providing up to 99 weeks of benefits.”

The Female Factor: The Stigma of Being a Housewife

“When the Swedish journalist Peter Letmark tried to track down a housewife for a series on 21st-century parents in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter recently, he failed.”

Russians and Their Crops Wilt Under Heat Wave

“Russians struggled to cope with record highs while the sun caused fires and withered 24 million acres sown with wheat, barley and other crops in the south.”

Satire: Fill Your Own Goddamn Emotional Void By Food

“That’s it. Put me down right now. Just stop for a second, will you please?

Look, I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. You know, there was a time when I didn’t mind being there for you. In fact, there was a time when I actually looked forward to comforting you, to cheering you up when you were feeling a little down. But lately, well, this whole shoving huge fistfuls of me down your throat thing is just not working out.

I hate to say it, but you can’t come running to me every time something goes wrong in your life. Not anymore.

It’s sad, really. Look at what we’ve turned into. I used to cherish the time we spent together, whether sitting down at the kitchen table to keep you company late at night, or going on long aimless walks through the rain together. Maybe I was being naive, but for years I actually thought I was helping. You’d come home in tears after a long, depressing day at work, and there I’d be, waiting for you in the fridge, or in the pantry, or stashed away in your bedroom where nobody could see, ready to fill whatever emptiness you felt inside. But things have gotten out of hand, and you know it.”

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