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Right Wing Apoplectic That Montana School Is Teaching Tolerance, Safe Sex, And Anti-Bullying Measures

“Over 500 Helena, MT residents gathered at the Helena School District’s school board meeting Tuesday night to weigh in on a new K-12 health education plan released last week. The 62-page proposal, developed by community members and health officials over two years, promotes a broad health and nutrition education program for each grade. However, there is a small section dealing with sex education that has ignited a firestorm of backlash among conservatives, both locally and nationally. “

Coburn Throws Roommate Heath Shuler Under The Bus To Attack Unemployment Benefits

“Senate Republicans have been preventing a final vote on a measure to extend unemployment benefits to more than 3 million Americans because of the $33 billion cost. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been on the front lines of the unemployment benefits battle all year.

This week on C-Span, Coburn argued that he’s not against extending the benefits, he just wants the cost to the government to be offset. (He has no such concerns when it comes to extending the Bush tax cuts, however.) “We’re just saying, it’s important now…that if we’re going to do that that we pay for it.” But then Coburn suggested that people don’t even need the benefits anyway, citing a conversation he had with his roommate, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC):

COBURN: I live with Congressman Heath Shuler. He told me yesterday that a job fair in North Carolina…had over 500 jobs available. Three people showed up. Three people showed up for 500 jobs in an area of unemployment of 10 percent. And his explanation was, “They’re not going do it until the benefits lessen.” And that may not be an exact interpretation of what his words were but the fact is there is a negative aspect to continuing unemployment.”
Did only three people show up to a job fair that had 500 jobs available? As Crooks and Liars noted, this seems highly unlikely. ThinkProgress spoke with a knowledgeable source who helped organize the jobs event with Shuler. The source told us that it was actually a “work force training” and that there were “some jobs available,” but not 500 as Coburn had claimed.

BP says cap still holding oil

“The new cap plugging the gusher in the Gulf of Mexico was holding up on Saturday but BP officials still weren’t sure if and when they would begin siphoning oil to containment ships on the surface.”

Interior Department Says Shallow Water Drilling Will Continue

“Under fire from Gulf Coast lawmakers and many in the oil industry, the Interior Department wants you to know that not all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has been halted. The department sent a readout to reporters today of a meeting between Michael Bromwich, who has been charged with restructuring the former Minerals Management Service, and various stakeholders on drilling issues.

The message: If you meet new safety standards, shallow water drilling will not be restricted.”

Gay Parade in Warsaw Meets Jeers From Some

“Thousands of police officers holding back egg-throwing youths were a reminder that Poland is not the Netherlands when it comes to gay demonstrations.”

Ranchers and Drug Barons Threaten Rain Forest

“Great sweeps of Guatemalan forest, once the cradle of one of the world’s great civilizations, are being razed.”

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