Argentina declared her independence from Spain today (1816). Also the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified today (1868), and Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup Cans exhibit opened (1962). And the New Zealand parliament legalized homosexuality today (1986), almost 20 years ahead of the United States. “Exceptional” isn’t always good.

Greetings and social banter here.

Kossascopes below. (More)

The Janitor Professor of Astrology must have watched Apollo 13 before looking up at the stars for your weekend Kossascopes. Oh well….

Cancer – The first moon landing was during your sign. That explains the hot, gaseous exhaust.

Leo – The countdown to your weekend is in a programmed hold. It will resume Monday.

Virgo – Poll the family for a go/no-go before rearranging those kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Libra – Decorating the bed with fake moon rocks doesn’t seem very comfortable, but it’s your bed.

Scorpio – Your mission control will be offline for the weekend. That could be fun, or scary.

Sagittarius – Please don’t push that red button this weekend. No, the other red button.

Capricorn – We don’t know why they named Capricorn One after your sign, and we’re sorry.

Aquarius – Splash downs are fun in a swimming pool. In a bathtub, not so much.

Pisces – There’s no evidence that cats enjoy space travel. Better change your plans.

Aries – Think of your life as that flight path on the control screen. The weekend is still a dotted line.

Taurus – Actually no, the T in “T-minus ten” did not stand for Taurus. Sorry.

Gemini – Yes, we know you came before Apollo. But we don’t think of you as old.

Good morning! ::hugggggs::