Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is from that little thing-a-ma-bob that looks like the take-up reel on an old 8 millimeter home movie projector. Only nowadays we don’t need no stinkin’ movie projectors…we have embedded video links! Free! On the Internets!

So sit back and relax, put your feet up and watch a couple of videos from last week’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Vice President Joe Biden and The Custard Guy

(Personal Aside: I have been to Kopps Frozen Custard (in Milwaukee!). In addition to frozen custard, they make some of the best hamburgers in the world. These burgers are the kind that you have to eat with towels covering your body they are so juicy. Do not EVEN think of eating them while driving).


Blaming Bush? (I apologize in advance for Dick Morris being on your screen)


When the news showed a clip of Senator Al Franken drawing a picture of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions at the Elena Kagan confirmation hearing, I needed a little eye bleach and decided to replay this fantastic video of Al Franken during his Senate run:

I realize that this video includes an unfortunate reference to Wisconsin and if it were anyone besides Al Franken , in my opinion one of the most awesome Senators in the world, it would be unforgivable. ;-). By the way, congratulations Senator Franken (I know you are a long time reader of have never heard of HEMMED In — btw, let’s fix THAT) on the upcoming anniversary of being sworn into the Senate: July 7th. And thank you for being one of the few rays of hope in that ridiculous excuse for a “legislative” august body.

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Happy Saturday to everyone! And fist bumps.

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