Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is SHOCK … complete and utter SHOCK at right-wing hypocrisy.

OK. I lied. I am not shocked. But I do find it Odd whenever I see a headline like this:

“State Chamber of Commerce leader [known for his polarizing attacks on any thing or person he perceives as anti-business] laments polarized politics”.

When the right-wing is in power, they never seem to be at a loss to find ways to crush the opposition. When they fall out of power, they are the first in line to be fitted for a victim hat and to lament what the world has come to. Oh, woe is them.

That particular Chamber of Commerce leader led his group to successfully install two State Supreme Court Justices who had the uniquely undesirable twin attributes of being both (perhaps) unqualified and (allegedly) ethically challenged.

When a liberal business owner who was a member of the group took exception to the involvement of the organization in the creation and subsequent promotion of an offensive campaign video, she quit the organization and made sure the everyone was aware of why she quit and then, going further, encouraged the people who she does business with to quit also. And that is the “polarized politics” that the CoC leader was bemoaning…not his spearheading the placement of rigidly pro-business judges on the Supreme Court using his member’s money but his members leaving because they were embarrassed to be party to what he had done.

The Supreme Court in a defiance of common sense because they could, decided that it was not necessary to have rules that governed whether judges should recuse themselves based on contributions from these kind of groups. According to their ruling “donations by groups and individuals to judges and independent spending to help them get elected do not by themselves require judges to step off cases”. Because of course judges should have the right to decide on their own if there are conflicts.

Polarized politics, the politics of personal destruction, money in politics without any ethical restraints, this is the toxic soup brewed up by those who support the Tea Party GOP.

You can lament all you want what you gave birth to but don’t expect us to be shocked. Or to think your lament about “polarized politics” to be anything but Odd.

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