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CIA Chief Leon Panetta: In Afghanistan, U.S. Has Committed 1,000 Troops Per Each Al Qaeda Terrorist

“This week, in announcing his choice of Gen. David Petraeus to replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal to lead the U.S. war in Afghanistan, President Obama emphasized, “this is a change in personnel but it is not a change in policy.” A key tenet of this policy, as Obama has reiterated frequently, is to “disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda.””

Wall Street Front Group Celebrates Record Success Electing Radical Pro-Corporate, Pro-BP Candidates

“Roll Call’s John McArdle reported this week that the radical Wall Street front group “Club for Growth” is “celebrating” a near perfect winning streak this election cycle so far, especially given the results in run-off elections last Tuesday. The Club is known for running hard-hitting attack ads, especially in Republican primaries, against candidates who would consider raising any form of taxes on the rich or have done anything to hold powerful corporations accountable. Noting the Club’s historic role of purging moderates from the GOP, Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) is quoted in the article calling it the “Spanish Inquisition.””

Financial Regulation Bill Contains Measure To Address ‘Conflict Minerals’

“Congressional negotiators reached a deal yesterday to reconcile the House and Senate versions of financial regulatory reform. The bill contains an obscure provision “that requires any publicly traded company that uses certain minerals to file reports annually with the Securities and Exchange Commission certifying whether the minerals originated in Congo or neighboring countries.” Many of the minerals used in electronic devices like cell phones and computers are mined in the Congo, a country “plagued by regional conflict and a deadly scramble for its vast natural resources.” “

No skimmers in sight as oil floods into Mississippi waters

“The sight of wide ribbons of oil for as far as the eye could see Saturday morning was bad enough. But what really angered U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor as he flew over the Mississippi Sound was the absence of any organized effort to skim the oil from the surface.”

Primary over, California’s Whitman foresaking GOP right

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman took less than two weeks to hang up her hard line on immigration and go on Spanish-language TV. It was but one step toward middle ground for a candidate pulled right in the primary. Also gone: those robo calls from former Vice President Dick Cheney.”

Obama, Europeans split on economic policy

“President Barack Obama and European leaders failed Saturday to bridge a fast growing divide over government spending and will emerge from a weekend summit on Sunday charting different courses for ending the global recession.”

Violence in Mexico Deters U.S. Universities

“This summer, far fewer American college students will be venturing across the border, over fears of the violence tied to drug gangs.”

Global Migration: A World Ever More on the Move

“Pick almost any headline in the news, and between the lines, there is a chapter in the story of global migration.”

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