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First Sderot, Now Tucson?

“Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) presses DHS Secretary Napolitano for more surveillance of Hezbollah operations along the US Mexico border. My favorite quote so far: “Former intelligence officials have pointed to the terrain that makes up our border, especially in the San Diego border sector, as a reason why drug cartels have been partnering with Hezbollah. This terrain is very much like the areas around Israel’s borders. As we well know, Hezbollah is extremely skilled in the construction of tunnels.””

Poll: Tea partiers want gov’t to protect manufacturing jobs, impose tariffs to safeguard environment.

“One of the organizing principles of the conservative-led tea party movement is an “aversion to big government,” with tea party organizers turning their ire on comprehensive health reform, clean energy legislation, and even mandatory trash collection. Yet a new poll finds that, despite their anti-government rhetoric, a majority of tea partiers favor the government enacting policies to protect manufacturing jobs and placing tariffs on goods from countries with weak environmental standards.”

Nussbaum demands ‘public apology’ from Huckabee for using her to defend his disgust at gay relationships.

“Earlier this week, a New Yorker profile of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee quoted the Fox News host as saying that there is an “ick factor” to gay relationships, undermining his claims to “respect” gay people. After getting criticized for the comment, Huckabee claimed on his blog that his “use of the phrase ‘ick factor’ was as the established notion from within the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender (GLBT) community.” Huckabee cited University of Chicago Law School professor Dr. Martha Nussbaum as first “applying the phrase to the GLBT community.” “

A Gulf gale might halt BP oil collection efforts for two weeks

“With a tropical weather system possibly forming in the western Caribbean, the Obama administration’s point man on the Deepwater Horizon disaster warned Friday that the prediction of gale force winds within five days would prompt the abandonment of oil collection efforts.”

Stabenow, Brown Lash Out at Republicans for Killing Jobs Bill

“Earlier today, I participated in a reporters’ call with Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), regarding the collapse of the jobs bill, also known as the extenders package or H.R. 4213, yesterday. They lashed out at Republicans and made the case for the stimulative effect of unemployment insurance — also accusing Republicans of cynically starting to worry about deficits they caused in the midst of an unemployment crisis”

Iraq’s Ancient Ruins Face New Looting

“Thousands of important sites have been left unprotected, allowing what officials say is a resumption of illegal excavations”

Presidential Vote Tests Merkel’s Ailing Coalition in Germany

“If the candidate for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party loses the vote, it will effectively serve as a no-confidence vote that could lead to new elections or a party coup.”

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