Today’s output from BPI’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine has a harsh ringing noise. No, wait, that’s my alarm clock! Wait again! I don’t use an alarm clock! I think that may be the Sound of Alarm to Progressives about what we still need to do. Don’t hit that snooze button.

Back in February, we were introduced to the concepts of Conservative Winter and Progressive Summer and how 40 years of a Conservative Winter is going to take a lot of warmth to thaw into a Progressive Spring, and we hope, a long sunny Progressive Summer.

The problem with Progress is that it is not instantaneous. And in our ADHD world, it will be an ongoing challenge to not get frustrated by a lack of progress and what seem to be setbacks every step of the way.

In this week’s Morning Feature series we are reminded that:

“Two steps forward, one step back” – if one’s adult lifetime begins after that comma – can easily seem like defeat. As progressives, we must draw courage from the progress we have made, even as we feel outrage with the struggles that remain.

Right now as Congress is gearing up to leave town for several months to convince their constituents that they should keep their jobs, we have a couple of pretty important things that need our attention, not our collective outrage or our snoozing:

1. House Senate Conference on Banking Re-regulation
It is important to follow what is happening and make sure your Senators and Representatives know your position because the conference is deciding how to merge the two bills. There are good and bad parts in both and there is both hope for this bill to get better and stronger and despair that it will get watered down. Read up on it, contact your representatives and let them know what you want.

2. DISCLOSE Act on limiting corporate money in campaigns
Debate is going on about how to limit the repurcussions from the big wet kiss decision of the Supreme Court in Citizens United . Public opinion is on the side of limiting corporations and their ability to hand-pick our legislature. Make sure your representatives know your feelings on this important issue.

So don’t wake up later wishing you had sent a letter or email to your representative or made a phone call or written a letter to the editor. The time to do these things is now.

And could we change that awful sound to something a little less piercing? I think we get it now.

Happy Thursday to everyone! And fist bumps.

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