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Financial lobbyists whine to Wall Street Journal about not having easy access to lawmakers.

“Democratic and Republican lawmakers began House-Senate negotiations last week in the final push for comprehensive Wall Street reform. Since the start of this year, the financial industry has invested over $28 million in a platoon of lobbyists to weaken the overhaul and “protect the status quo.” Denied an inital opportunity through “backroom negotiations,” lobbyists “pinned their hopes” on the conference process for face time with key lawmakers.”

Inhofe Calls Climate Threat A Hoax As Floods Ravage Oklahoma

“Last week, 47 senators launched a failed assault on science, supporting Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) resolution to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s scientific finding that greenhouse gas pollution endangers the public health and welfare.”

After generations of independence, some Gulf Coasters asking for help

DELACROIX, La. — A month into the oil spill, Bernard Johnson sat in his living room in this Gulf Coast fishing village watching news of the crude’s slow and deadly seep into the bays and bayous where he has made a living for nearly three decades.

He thought of his wife and 5-year-old daughter. And he made a decision.

For the first time in three generations of fishermen, a Johnson would accept outside help. Days later, his wife, a school bus driver in St. Bernard Parish, applied for food stamps. The first check — about $260 — arrived on a Monday, 41 days after the Gulf of Mexico rig explosion.

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