Hi, Pootie the Precious and I haz a question. How can I get a better hooman who won’t grumble when I sayz I need noms?

My hooman staff iz usually good. Dey clean my litter box and throw the pootie ball so I can chasez it and petz me when I layz on their lapz and stuff.

But den sometimes dey forget dere job. Dey startz typing on dere computers and Iz sure datz very important to dem, but dey forgetz what iz really important.


I picked dem becawz dey noted how good I am. Dey said sweet things and petted me and kissed me. Itz hard to find good hoomans who see thingz like dat. So datz why I picked deez hooman for my staff, and dey do okay mostly.

Except when dey startz typing. Den I haz to pawz their legs and meow and tell dem:

Out of Fish

An den they haz da nerve to say “Wait.”

Do I lookz like a waiter in dat pikshur? I not sposed to wait. Datz why I gotz hooman staff … to wait on me.

So duz anywun haz ideaz on how to train hoomanz? I like my staff but dey do need more training. I tryz purring and cute and sweet, but dat duzzint alwayz work. What shood I do?


Pootie the Precious