One thing nice about an ongoing series of lectures is that you can repeat parts of the intro and thereby beef up the word count and save yourself writing time especially on lazy Saturday mornings.

Today is Day 2 of our tour of the web site. On Thursday we kicked off the tour with HEMMED In – Tour where we looked at the Menu Bar and RSS.

(Reminder: the Campus Virtual Tours – Tour I and Tour II are virtual tours of the real BPI Campus)

Today’s Topic: The Front Page

Of course, technically the Menu Bar is on the Front Page but the focus yesterday was more on what the Menu Bar did and how it worked. The Front Page is more than just the menu bar.

The BPI Experience is on the left. This contains links to important parts of your (surprise!) BPI Experience. Each link takes you to a page that gives you more information about BPI and what you can expect as a student or a contributor.

The middle section of the Front Page contains the front page theme. We try to change these out weekly to highlight an aspect of our mission statement:

Blogistan Polytechnic Institute is a Progressive Democratic Community for Discussion, Activism and Humor. Our goal is to elect more and better Democrats and promote this progressive agenda:
1. People matter more than profits.
2. The earth is our home, not our trash can.
3. We need good government for both #1 and #2.

That may include a candidate interview, a reminder about an important progressive issue or just words of encouragement to those who want to learn to speak and live progressive.

On the right-hand side of the page (or “right-hand column” as we call it…you should try to pick up some of the jargon) are the posts Featured Today: Morning & Evening Feature and Today’s Buzz – Campus Chatter.

The middle frame on the page is titled More News. This is a scrolling list that contains the recent posts with most recent on the left and oldest on the right. Posts include the Featured Today, the News Roundups and the daily columns HEMMED In and Furthermore!.

When the posts roll off the end of the More News bar, they drop gracefully into the space under the “Your Ad Here” squirrel (which we hope to some day change to an Actual Ad) to linger just a little longer on the front page.

The last part of the Front Page is the “not really our stuff” part. The Blogroll over to the left includes links to news sites and other blogs. The space in the middle is our News Feed space bringing you excellent sources of news all day long, continually updated (you must click Page Refresh).

Rounding off the tour, the Search feature allows you to search the site and the Archive tool lets you look at a month’s worth of posts at a time. (Note: Anything else you see on your screen is either a smudge or a Coffee Spew stain).

You can make your home page and get all your news from our hand-selected news sources, read excellent and illuminating commentary from our Faculty and Contributors and, of course, find out about the weather.

If you have any questions about the web site, how it works, or how YOU can become a contributor, comment here or in any Campus Chatter post.

Tuesday’s HEMMED In: Ha. Are you being silly? I don’t plan that far ahead for Elucidation Tuesday. But for Thursday, you will want to bring your crayons.

Note: HEMMED In will change to a Summer Schedule starting the week of June 21 (start of Summer). Consult About BPI later in the week for new days and times.

Happy Saturday to everyone! And fist bumps.