Time to crank up the HEMMED machine, stir things up and get some Magma Meta flowing again. Yikes, those rocks are hot! Whether you are igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic you will lava today’s topic.

The Campus Virtual Tours (handily identified as Tour I and Tour II — that’s “counting” in Romanese) gave us a virtual tour of the Real BPI Campus (the one that has pictures of all of our imaginary buildings, non-existent faculty and somewhat incomplete Student Body).

Well, there is more to our campus than just our imaginary buildings, squirrel stories and faintly ridiculous distinguished faculty.

It has a Web Site: BPICampus.com

The tour of the BPICampus.com site does not need any pictures because, don’t get nervous, IT IS SURROUNDING YOU RIGHT NOW.

If you glance up you will see the Menu Bar. It has the following links:
1. Home
2. Morning & Evening Feature
3. Campus Chatter
5. Furthermore!
6. News Roundup
7. My Dorm Room
8. RSS

Home is not exactly what it sounds like. It is not mom, apple pie, holidays and someplace where your laundry is done and magically appears in your drawers. Home in this case is the Home Page of the BPICampus.com web site. The home page contains the Featured posts including Morning & Evening Feature, Today’s Buzz – Campus Chatter, the More News bar containing the last 6 posts and our soon-to-be-world-renowned RSS News Feed section where you can read the lastest news from around the country and the world.

Morning & Evening Feature, Campus Chatter, HEMMED In and Furthermore! are quick links to the archive for the posts for that original BPI Campus content.

The News Roundup is a link to the archive of daily news summary posts compiled by our ace “aggregators” who snapshot our RSS feeds and create links to interesting or informative stories. These News Roundups are posted “around noon” and, someday if we can find anyone up late at night, “around midnight”.

My Dorm Room is your own personal BPI Campus experience where you can review comments, see who else is online and, if you are a contributor, create your posts. See Welcome New Students for more about your dorm room.

And now to RSS…the real reason I called this meeting. RSS is a computer acronym standing for Really Simple Syndication. From the wiki:

“a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format”.

Hey, we haz dat! And we haz RSS!

If you click on the RSS link, you will find a list of the last 10 posts from BPICampus.com. Under each post is an excerpt describing the post. Under certain perfect conditions (i.e. using IE – Internet Explorer as your web browser), you can also see how many Comments have been made. You can click to the post or (unless you are OutFoxed) click to the comments. You can also Subscribe to the RSS Feed which sends you notifications of the posts and comments automatically so you do not have to click on your BPI Coffee Cup favicon to get to the BPICampus.com web site.

What? You do not have a BPI Coffee Cup favicon on your browser toolbar? Easily remedied. Click on Home (hey, not yet, I am still talking here!!) then drag the BPI Coffee Cup favicon to your browser link toolbar. I recommend making it your first link so that you do not forget to go there first thing in the morning, while you are eating lunch, ESPECIALLY around 11:00 Eastern on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, around noon, when you need the temperature and right before you go to bed.


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Happy Thursday to everyone! And fist bumps.