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Cuccinelli’s Legal Brief Attacking Health Reform Cites ‘Boston Tea Party’

“Normally, lawyers presenting arguments to a court focus on facts, legal sources, and legal precedent. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli prefers a different tactic. In an often-incoherent brief attacking the Affordable Care Act, Cuccinelli argues that a 236 year-old colonial boycott of British products somehow renders the new health care law unconstitutional.”

FreedomWorks CEO Goes To Bat For BP, Calls Oil Spill ‘A Natural Disaster’

“During an interview today with FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe on ABC’s Top Line, host Karen Travers noted that the cover of his upcoming book — Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto — says “lower taxes plus less government equals more freedom.” Travers then asked, “How does that less government sentiment square with this massive government effort down there in the Gulf to contain the spill?” “

Civilian toll of Iranian raids in northern Iraq enrages Kurds

“Outrage is growing in Iraq’s northern Kurdish territories over renewed Iranian air and artillery strikes against Kurdish rebels in the remote Qandil Mountains, officials and residents said.”

Judd Gregg, Obama Senate foe, now key to passing financial bill

“A group of lawmakers who are about to write an historic overhaul of the nation’s financial regulatory system has been stacked carefully with veteran compromisers — and one wild card.”

Bernanke Sees No Quick End in Sight for Joblessness Crisis

“Speaking with ABC News’ Sam Donaldson yesterday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke described the recovery as “moderate-paced” and demurred on the issue of whether there might be a double-dip, saying, “There seems to be a good bit of momentum in consumer spending and investment, so my best guess is that we’ll have a continued recovery.””

Pentagon Creates Office to Bolster International Legitimacy

“For the first time, the Department of Defense has established an office to guide policy on emerging non-traditional military activities like compliance with the rule of law, humanitarian emergencies and human rights. It’s a bureaucratic change that effectively frames international legitimacy as a security issue, a reflection of the legacy of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars among some policymakers.”

FCIC Says Goldman Sachs Played American People “for Chumps”

“And now we know why the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission decided to subpoena Goldman Sachs — not for a lack of information, but for a surfeit of it. “

Russia, Turkey and Iran Meet, Posing Test for U.S. Diplomacy

“A summit meeting in Turkey appeared to be calculated to test the U.S. just days before a debate at the U.N. on whether to seek tighter sanctions on Iran. “

Satire: Archaeologists: Egyptian Pyramids Actually Early Attempt At Camping

“Once shrouded in mystery, the pyramids of Giza are now believed to be the earliest known attempt at camping out, a team of archeologists reported Monday.”
“Despite the remarkable discovery, Hilal and his team are still unsure why so many ancient Egyptians decided to remove their inner organs before getting inside their stone sleeping bags at night”.

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