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The New Guys

“As you probably saw, we had a couple new arrests over the weekend on the homegrown terrorism front — this time two guys from New Jersey who were trying to go to Somalia and join the local al Qaida affiliate, al Shabaab. Let me preface everything by noting once again that, as we’ve seen, even fairly shambling violent losers who can do a lot of damage, especially if they turn themselves over to more sophisticated terrorists for use as cannon fodder. “

Rally In Support Of SB-1070 Dwarfed By The Tens Of Thousands Of People Who Protested Against It

“On Saturday, “hundreds” of people gathered at Arizona’s state Capitol to show support for the new anti-immigration law SB-1070. The event, organized by Voice of the People USA — which is based on Pennsylvania, not Arizona — featured speeches by former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Arizona GOP state Sen. Russell Pearce. “More than 100 motorcyclists showed their support by circling the rally on their bikes,” and signs at the event read “Don’t pander to non-citizens.” “

58 percent of federal trial judges in oil-affected states have a stake in oil industry.

“The AP reports that well over half of the federal trial judges in states affected by the BP oil disaster have financial ties to that industry.”

Thad Allen: ‘This is a siege across the entire Gulf’

“The bursting river of crude that is tainting the Gulf of Mexico – and has now begun to sully Florida’s coastline – should be significantly slowed by British Petroleum’s new containment cap, BP CEO Tony Hayward said Sunday. However, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said the ongoing environmental catastrophe will last into the fall since a true stop to the oil flow can only be achieved after the deep-water gusher is fully cemented shut.”

Amid Recession, Federal Workers Targeted

“At Politico, Maggie Haberman and Ben Smith have a good piece on the “perfect storm” ginning up politicians’ opposition to public-sector workers. Firefighters and teachers sometimes earn more than the average American, and sometimes benefit from pricey defined-benefit pensions and union backing”

Cameron Warns Britons of ‘Decades’ of Austerity

“Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain’s financial situation is “even worse than we thought” and that the country will have to make savage cuts.”

Changes in China Could Raise Prices Worldwide

“The cost of doing business in China is going up, and that could drive up consumer prices in the United States and Europe.”

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