The BPI Squirrel expends a lot of energy chattering away on the campus soapbox. For one thing, he spends a lot of time standing upright. Yes, he gets some help from that gorgeous, fluffy tail (which he insisted I mention). But he still gets hungry and we need more nuts.

Like yours, for example. Many of you are smart and clever and funny and chatter as well as the BPI Squirrel. You may not have his gorgeous, fluffy tail – I mentioned it twice, so maybe he’ll stop texting me from his Blewberry – but you could still stand on the campus soapbox and entertain or enlighten the BPI faculty, staff, and student body with 500-750 words of wit and wisdom.

Furthermore! runs on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I post mine at 10am (ET), only because that’s a good time of day for me. That is not a fixed posting time. When you write Furthermore! you can post at a good time of day for you. That’s how soapboxes work, at least here at BPI.

What are good Furthermore! topics? Almost anything, from personal vignettes to lighthearted topical rants. It is the BPI campus soapbox, after all. See the About BPI page for editorial guidelines. We schedule our writers, so your brilliant work won’t be bumped by someone else. You get the campus soapbox all to yourself that day.

This is also a good time to talk about our long-term plans here at BPI. Aside from taking over the world – currently scheduled for July 9th, 2053 – we would like to add two more daily stories: Evening Feature and Nighttime News.

Evening Feature will mirror Morning Feature in content and tone: an in-depth dialogue with 2- to 3-day series focused on a specific topic. The tentative posting time is 7pm (ET), but that may change. It will be hosted entirely by contributors like you, and should be at a convenient time of day for west coast members. We will schedule writers, as we do for our other stories, so your brilliant work doesn’t get bumped by someone else.

Nighttime News will mirror Noontime News, a snapshot of the latest stories from our RSS feeds. Nighttime News is slated to post at midnight ET, but again I want it to be convenient for west coast members so that time is subject to change. JanF uses a template, and it’s simply copy/pasting the first paragraph from the selected stories, beneath a link to the source. You don’t need to write any original content. Noontime and Nighttime News are intended to help us all catch more of the stories that scroll through our RSS feeds.

So while your ears may not be as cute as the BPI Squirrel’s, and he’s doubtless more clever than you …

… we do need your nuttiness to keep him fed. Otherwise he heads for those bird feeders….